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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

lost soul
Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Lost Soul


Date Reviewed: 7.13.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.7
Limited Average Rating: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Cecillbill LOST SOUL
Hand Destruction is one of the most heavily employed strategies in CCGs. The temptation (and benefit) of limiting your opponent's playing options by removing cards from his hand is hard to resist. This is especially true when the cards supporting hand destruction are cheap and/or have little drawbacks to the person playing them. Cheap hand discard has been available in Duel Masters since Base Set's Ghost Touch. Now we have even more hand discard options in Evo Crushinators like Lost Soul.

Hand destruction doesn't get any better than "your opponent discards all
cards from his hand." There goes all those late game threats your opponent
was saving in his hand like Terror Pit & Crystal Lancer. Also gone are any
easy cast creatures like weenie hitters and blockers. Not only does Lost
Soul get rid of your opponent's entire hand, but it also forces him to
topdeck! Topdecking is very devastating for your opponent if he draws cards
that he can't cast or that wouldn't be useful if he cast them. More often
than not, topdecking leads to a game loss. When you're topdecking, you're
depending on draws like a guy hanging from a cliff on a string.

There's nothing better than making your opponent lose his whole hand . . .
except the cost. 7 mana is a lot of mana to commit to a single spell. You
want to see a massive threat drop or a bunch of swarm-able creatures hitting
the field once you have 7 mana out. Not too many decks are going to do a
good job of sustaining shield advantage to 7 mana just for a spell that
doesn't immediately change the field. Simply put, Lost Soul is a slow cast
if you aren't running mana gain. And Lost Soul is almost completely null and
void if you're playing against a weenie rusher who enjoys casting his whole
hand once he has enough mana (which is usually 4-5 mana). Actually, Lost
Soul being 7 mana and not being a shield trigger is a good thing---for the
person who'd see his hand disappear super-quick had this spell been cheap or
a trigger.

In the majority of deck builds, count on Ghost Touch, Horrid Worm, and Dark
Titan Maginn for hand discard. If your meta is dominated by weenie or
mana-swarm decks, Lost Soul won't be very helpful. Weenie Rush and Swarm
players can topdeck easily on their own (if they are cast-happy) or tend to
have small hands late game. By the time you have enough mana to cast Lost
Soul they don't have much of a hand to discard. You are better off packing
Ghost Touch if all you're going to strip away is 1 or 2 cards for 7 mana..
This can be offset by running mana gain yourself so you can cast Lost Soul
much earlier than your opponent would like you to do. If you find yourself
right smack in the middle of a Control-heavy meta, running Lost Soul is a
solid choice. Especially if you're playing a Darkness/Nature deck. Control
players try to obtain big hands through cards like Brain Serum or shield
loss in the early the game. Lost Soul can strip away the vitality of a
hand-stacking strategy.

Constructed: 2.5/5. In the right deck Lost Soul works and can have a
significant impact on the duel. That's basically 2 deck types,
Darkness/Nature and Mono-Darkness, and they both do well without Lost Soul.

Limited: 2/5. Go for Ghost Touch and/or Horrid Worm. Lost Soul's going to
see your mana zone more often than not. It's not a terrible thing to slap
one in a limited deck running Darkness.

Fish & Chips Fish's Review

Hey Everyone! Today we look at the interesting Lost Soul card. Hmmm.... 7 mana
is pretty expensive, but the effect is top notch. Although at certain times this
card can't be used. It's worthless against a red rush deck(no cards in hand, all
in battle zone), if you don't combine it with green. Discarding your opponent's
entire hand can be devastating, but there are drawbacks. By the time 7 mana
rolls around, if your playing this in a mono-darkness deck, your opponent won't
have many cards in his/her hand. Due to the rather high cost it's sure to delay
you a turn. I have noticed myself saving cards like Teleportation until the last
moment, and you could get rid of said Teleportation with this card. I'd rather
use Ghost Touch though.

Pros: Opponent's entire hand, use this in a green deck and you can make some
sever havoc.

Cons: 7 mana is rather expensive, sure to delay you a turn.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Limited: 3/5 There's not much difference using this card in limited.

Chips' Review

Hey Everyone this is Chips and today we have an interesting card called Lost
It takes a lot of mana but it's definetely worth it once you can use it because
it's effect is very good. Anytime you can get a hand advantage is good in Duel
Masters because having 1 extra card can help you win a duel. It's effect can
also destroy your opponent's chances to play Gatling Skyterror, Metalwing
Skyterror, and Scarlet Skyterror. It's very good in a green/Essence Elf deck
where extra mana and cut spell cost could help you play this card faster. One of
the only problems is when you play this card you probably won't be able to play
any other cards that turn.

The Pros: Gets rid of opponent's entire hand, Easy to use in green deck

The Cons:7 mana is a lot, Probably cannot use any other card that turn

Constructed:3/5 Can destroy opponent's strategy
Limited:2/5 Won't see as many cards worth discarding

Knives101 Lost Soul

Well, by the time you get to turn seven both players should be topdecking. So Lost Soul probably won't help you out too much. I've thought about using this is a Darkness/Nature build, but Darkness/Nature has little synergy other than Lost Soul.

Final Rating: 3

Limited Rating: 3
Lost Soul - Initially, when I saw a spoiler for ECoD, I felt for sure that my Blue Bounce / Black Discard deck would get 3 Lost Souls added to it. My reasoning was that my opponent often had lots of cards in their hand, and I needed away to get them in the discard pile. Lost Soul appearred to be the answer. So it was there for the first couple of tournaments, and then came out because it never got used as anything but mana. Most games (especially with the arrival of
evolutions) saw my opponents with 3 or less cards in their hand (and I saw that the 7 casting card had to at least knock out 4 or more cards to make the card worthy of the mana expended). The only game I could have used Lost Soul was one I was going to easily win anyway, so I didn't play it.
Maybe as the power levels keep going up and people start holding back more cards (or possibly drawing more cards), then Lost Soul might find a justified use
- but right now, I need other cards to deal with the fast swarms and the evolutions and can't wait until Turn 7 to play this card.

Constructed 1.5 / 5
Limited 1.5 / 5



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