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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site


Base Set

Date Reviewed: 7.02.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.25
Limited Average Rating: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Gordon Kane Saucer-head Shark - I'm the only person in my area
that plays this card. I played it before Evo - and I
continue to put it in my Water Control decks. When
this card hits the field, it doesn't spell VICTORY for
you - but if you were getting your tail kicked by a
swarm of weenies, this causes your opponent to pick
them all up and start over. And as they come back
into play you can deal with them with a variety of
I know I hear some of you screaming out there - but
the Shark hurts you too (by causing my Unicorn Fish,
Hulcus, and Corile to return to my hand. And I say "I disagree". Hulcus in my hand means I get to draw another card. A returned Corile or Unicorn Fish just means that one of those critters my opponent cast last turn are going to be bouncing (either to the top of their Draw Pile or to their hand). Control isn't about quick Shield removal - it is about controling the Battle Zone and taking one or two shots at my opponent each turn. Fire and Darkness have similar cards that sweep the board, but they both hurt me if I have small creatures in the Zone (Silphy and Burst Shot). With the Shark, it is "wash, rinse, repeat" and no one really gets hurt (although my opponent often mumbles new nicknames for me).

Constructed 4 / 5
Limited 2.5 / 5
Rob Miller Saucer-Head Shark-Water Civilization, 5 mana, 3000 attack, and “When you put this creature into the battle zone, return each creature in the battle zone that ahs power 2000 or less to its owner's hand.”

Well this card is the best card that has been reviewed this week. This card is a very nice compliment to those Water/Nature decks floating around lately, I myself have used one quite often. It returns your Aqua Hulcus, Corile (which probably isn’t the best choice to get back), and Bronze-Arm Tribe. Also if you have tons of rush in your meta you should run blue just to use this guy. He is my third favorite water civilization card, behind number 1: Aqua Hulcus and number 2: Crystal Lancer. His attack makes him just over Crimson Hammer, but unfortunately just under Tornado Flame. In limited you could run him because many people are going to use low-cost creatures, just to make sure they can get them out. This guy will be there to set them straight. The main disadvantage is you will lose creatures and that isn’t always a good thing.

In review, if you use Hulcus and Corile you should probably use him, but be wary of the fact that those creatures won’t be able to attack this turn so you won’t be breaking shields. He is good but don’t use him just to use him, have strategy behind it.

Constructed-4/5: In Water/Nature deck you will have a large hand and large mana zone at the same time.
Limited-3/5: Mostly just as good here as long as you mainly use the “come into the battle zone” effect creatures, or creatures with over 2000 attack.
Knives101 Scaucer Head Shark

Casting this card to get more out of your Bronze Arm Tribe, Corile, or Aqua Hulcus is a fun trick. This card is decent for fending off aggro decks. More and more aggro creatures are getting beyond the 2000 power mark though. Barkwhip nullifies Shark's ability, by powering up beastfolk. Valdios does the same for humans (Except Brawler Zyler, but what do you think Valdios is going to be evolved from?). Shark is one of those cards, that works well in one deck, but fails in another.

Final Rating: 4

Draft Rating: 4
b p Saucer-Head Shark
Weenies run rampant in the post-Evo Crushinators environment. Whether
players want to hit shields quickly, create extra mana, abuse draw power, or
have a small creature on the field to evolve, 2000 or less creatures are
heavily played. What's player to do to stop the madness? Why he or she can
drop guys like Vampire Silphy, cast spells like Burst Shot, or go the
slightly less expensive route and play Saucer-Head Shark.

Saucer-Head is a clear example of why a creature's base power is not the
only deciding factor for including it in a deck. For 5 mana you get a 3000
creature. In terms of a safety net, Saucer is big enough to avoid being
Crimson Hammered. If Saucer had no effect, then this review would end right
now. But it does, and the effect is very good. Being able to bounce all 2000
below creatures is a tempo-changing effect. Your opponent has to wait a turn
longer to initiate a weenie swarm, have low cost blocker protection, and
evolve his creatures into huge threats. And while this bouncing effects you
as well, since Saucer's a water guy it's very easy to "abuse" this effect in
a manner that benefits you in ways your opponent may not easily recognize.
Here's what I mean: If you're playing Water then you should have Aqua Hulcus
in your deck. If Hulcus is on the field when Saucer drops, then you get to
bounce that card-drawing king to your hand for another round of card
drawing. It's a similar prospect if guys like Unicorn Fish (bounce again)
and Bronze-Arm Tribe (make mana again) are in your battle zone. And if you
Spiral Gate Saucer-Head back to your hand, well you get where I'm headed
with this...it's effect recycling. ;)

For 5 mana you get a 3000 creature. While that's big enough to avoid being
Hammered, Shark is still easy to rid off with most every other removal
spell. He's also pretty easy to kill with direct attacks, often from fast
cast creatures like weenie power attackers. Shark's effect can temporarily
get rid of your opponent's field, but the bouncing also effects you.
Sometimes you need your 2000 and below guys on the field in order to evo
them or use them as your main force. Not always is a Hulcus on the field for
draw abuse. Leaving your side of the field open or dependent on just Shark
can prove to be a costly play. Also, if the right guys are on your
opponent's side of the battle zone, they can be re-cast also to abuse things
like draw power and mana building.

Saucer-Head is not a permanent solution to the small guy swarm/rush problem,
but it can provide that window of opportunity to slow down your opponent and
to flesh out a path to victory for yourself. Saucer-Head's not meant to last
long after its' cast due to its' low base power. But that fact usually
doesn't prohibit Saucer from being decked because it has a potential
[temporary] board leveling effect.

Constructed: 3/5. In a Control deck that runs Water Saucer-Head is a good
fit--even with all the emphasis being placed on the Liquid People.

Limited: 3/5. Removal is a good thing to have even if it's temporary.
Saucer-Head can bounce quite a few blockers and threatening small guys.

Stegyman Saucer-Head Shark

Weird picture, huh?

Saucer-Head Shark: 5-Mana, 3000 Attack. Bounces all creatures with 2000 or less Attack Power. That's useful..

Is it good? Well, it's good versus rush decks (such as Mono-Red), but most good creatures with 2000 or less Power have awesome come-into-play powers (Bronze-Arm Tribe, Aqua Hulcus, Corile), and you don't want to go around bouncing those creatures. Good verusus Rush, bad versus.. everything else ;x

Tournament: 1.5/5

Limited: 2/5



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