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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Fire Sweeper
Burning Hellion

Base Set

Date Reviewed: 6.01.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.375
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Knives101 Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion.

Hmmm. For four mana I can get a Dragoniod, that has 3000 power, and power attacker + 2000. No thanks. I'll pass. There are no evolutions for Dragoniods, and even if there were I'd rather pick Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, and/or Calvary General Curatops for my base creature/s. This guy doesn't even reach 6000 power, so there will be no killing my opponent's Urth, Bolshak, or Valdios. To top it off I can think of better Fire cards to play on my fourth turn. Valdios, Rothus, and Rumble Gate all come to mind.

In draft he's not that great either. You'll be better off picking up the common rushers that fire has to offer.

Final Rating: 2

Draft Rating: 1
b p Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion
Power attackers are the hallmark of the Fire civilization. When you
absolutely positively need to peg off small creatures or hit shields
quickly, then you need not look any further than Fire's pump effect
creatures. But is a 4 mana 3000+ power attacker too costly and ineffective
for that task? Let's see...

For 4 mana you get a guy that pumps up to 5000 when attacking. Sweeper gets
enough power when it attacks to overrun a myriad of blockers and other 1-4
drop creatures. That's not half bad. When tapped after attacking during your
attack phase, he's also going to be big enough to become an illegal target
for a shield triggered Tornado Flame. That's nice too. Another good thing
going for Sweeper is it escapes a Crimson Hammer. The "problem" with most of
Fire's early power attackers is their vulnerability to nearly every kill
spell in the game. Sweeper has an ounce more greater chance of survival
during its' summoning sickness and tapped states than creatures like Brawler

Although Sweeper has slightly less vulnerability than the weenie Humans of
its' civilization, that's not enough to be a saving grace from the trade
binder. At 4 mana Sweeper's 3000 when its' untapped or tapped on your
opponent's turn. That means Sweeper's vulnerable to the "staple" mid game
kill spells, Tornado Flame and Death Smoke, if he hasn't attacked yet. It
bites to see your 4 drop creature get Flamed or Smoked because 4th turn is
usually the moment when spells and creatures start to solidify a deck's win
condition. Sweeper's also easy to kill with direct attacks. There are 3 and
4 mana Fire evos that escape such problems because they don't have summoning
sickness and/or have pump effects. In light of this, Sweeper just isn't as
effective has Fire's Human power attackers.

Most likely you're going to use power attackers in a Rush or Swarm strategy
since many are cheap to cast. Humans are the current Rush stars of the Fire
civilization due to their evos Valdios, Groblav and Babaro, their low mana
costs, and their pump effects. Sweeper just isn't a "go-to" guy any more for
the Fire civilization. He's not a bad creature, just a little too slow for
the post-Evo Rush strategy. At most a mono-Fire build might get some good
use from Sweeper, otherwise the 1-2 drop Fire rush creatures are a better
choice for decking than Sweeper.

Constructed: 2/5. Sweeper won't hurt a mono-Fire deck build. Only there are
better 4 drop choices like Valdios and Rothus that have greater synergy with
a Rush strategy.

Limited: 2.5/5. In an environment where Fire's Human evos are less ideal to
run, due to pull odds and the evo to same race creature ratio, Sweeper is a
solid pick. Here Sweeper's overrun potential could push a deck past the
blockers its' bound to see. Sweeper could help re-enforce an aggressive

Rob Miller Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion-Fire Civilization, 4 mana, 3000 attack, and “Power Attacker +2000”.

I remember the days when I had just begun playing Duel Masters. I remember this card was one of my personal favorites. This was when I used no strategy in building decks. I just threw cards in if their effect sounded ok. I have evolved much since then, but back to the review. His base attack leaves much to be desired, however when attacking he becomes a 5000 creature. Sounds pretty good for 4 mana right? Wrong. This card has a good point, it is more than 2000 attack, so no crimson hammer. I believe that is the only this card has going for it. It is still subject to Tornado Flame. He is far better than Super Explosive Volcanodon. Volcanodon can be crimson hammered. Hellion might be an ok fit in a mono-red deck which you don’t use for red’s rush abilities. There are other cards better suited for the task of rushing though so even then its rather iffy. In place of this use Rothus, the traveler or something like that, but please don’t use this unless you have no other choices.

In review, he is a better fit for red decks than the card I reviewed yesterday was for blue decks…but still this shoe seems to be a bit snug, you may want to go up a size.

Constructed- 2.5/5: If you aren’t going for the rush then he could work for you.

Limited- 3.5/5: Almost any card gains playability in limited.
Gordon Kane Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion - Does anyone play this
card? I can't say that I see it in my area. Not a
bad card - 4 mana for a 3000+ Power Attacker. But for
some reason, everyone prefers to play Super Explosive Volcanodon in the 4 mana spot. It further amazed me when WotC opted to make this card into a foil promo at the Mall Tour for beating a Master or winning King of the Hill. Meanwhile, over at the Tournament area - at least they were getting foil rares (Stampeding Longhorns). Maybe this card will see more play when there are cards that have synergy with the Creature Type, but raght now 4 mana might be too big for the Red Weenie / Rush decks and the card doesn't have enough of a game swinging effect of the big Fire creatures. Constructed 2 / 5 Limited 2.5 / 5
Stegyman Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion

Never thought I would be reviewing this card..

Burning Hellion: Fire Creature, 4-Mana, 3000 Attack. It has Power Attack +2000. wooo!

Is this card good? Um, just in Limited. Seriously, this card is only good in Draft (and casual play, of course).

In Draft, a decent pick. In Tournament.. no. (ah.. short and simple review)

Tournament: 1/5

Limited: 3/5



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