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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits

Card 1

Date Reviewed: 12.31.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.65
Limited Average Rating: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Let there be LIGHT!!!  *lights come on* Cower before the mightiest attacker in the game!  This creature is unrivaled in power by any mortal living andÖ *is tapped on shoulder by a n00b*  What?  No, Bolshack Dragon is NOT mightier than this, now go away.  I donít care about power attackerÖ  *is tapped on the shoulder by veteran player*  Oh.  Thereís someone stronger in Survivors?  Ok, thanks. 


Forget all that folks, today we meet


Alcadieas, Lord of Spirits

Cost:  6

Civilization:  Light

Card Type:  Evolution Creature
Creature Class:  Angel Command

  • Evolution (Put on one of your Angel Commands)
  • Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)
  • Players can only cast light spells.

Flavor Text:  ďI forget.Ē Ė Lee Sandow

Power: 12500

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Very Rare

Card Number:  1/55


Let me just say that I hate Alcadieas, because I can never spell his name right.  Why couldnít he just be B0b, Lord of Spirits, or Johnny, Lord of Spirits?  Probably to makes Leeís life miserableÖ  Iím just going to call him B0b for today, alrighty?  Now, on to the review, yes?


Civilization/Race:  Heís Light.  Heís an Angel Command.  Angel Commands are very strong, have some support, and can evolve into a bad-*** evolutionÖ OhÖ Right.  Alcadieas IS the evolution.  


Cost:  Six Mana is about standard for a really good evolution.  Unfortunately, you have to figure in the cost of the Angel Command B0b evolves from, so it will be 11 Mana at the CHEAPEST (evolve from Aeris)(No, Iím not counting Elf-X or the like).  Still, this guy can be  worth each of them, and you donít necessarily have to pay all eleven in one lump sum.


Abilities:  Heís an evolution, which has to evolve from an Angel Command.  I already covered the cons to that under cost.  He also can benefit from Supporting Tulip, King Aquakamui, and Rimuel. Being an evolution, he has no summoning Sickness.  Combined with his other abilitiesÖ That is 1337. 


He is a double breaker, which guarantees he will swing when heís first summoned to whack a two shields (unless he is blocked, or you decide not to for some weird reason). 


Finally, this is the ability that makes B0b playable.  Only light Spells can be cast by either player. MeaningÖ All shield trigger spells except Holy Awe will not be able to trigger, cards like Death Smoke and friends canít be used, and there is no way to destroy B0b with a spell.  This ability targets you as well, donít forget, but you shouldnít find this to be a problem anyway.


Power:   He is unrivaled by any card in the CURRENT English game (aside from a pumped Bolshack).  This guy defines power, and he is in a league of his own here.


Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Costructed overview:  If you build a deck around this guy, he is awesome.  If you just throw him in a deck, expect to see him warming the bench in the mana zone.  That being said, if this guy hits the field, there is a really good chance your opponent will lose.  About 1/3 of their deck, their spells, will become useless.  Since B0b has such high attack stats, he wonít lose a battle, except under rare conditions.  He cannot be destroyed by a spell.  The best way to kill Alcadias?  Chaos Worm.  Corile, Ballom, Rothus, Wailing Shadow Belbethingy, and Swamp worm work well too, but Chaos Worm is THE surefire method.  This guy is hard to kill, so thereís a good bet he wonít die. 


Heís difficult to summon, but the best way to kill him is to destroy his evo bait.  That is the best solution running.  If he hits the fieldÖ duck for cover.


Out of five, Iíd rank him 4/5.


Limited overview:  Sure, heís big enough, but he wonít hit the field often.  Since heís an evo, you have to draft another angel command to even attempt using him.  What does SoBN offer?  Rimuel, which is yet another (over-costed) foil, so good luck getting him, and Aeris, who will show up in packs from time to time.  Still, youíll want more than one lower level Angel Command.  This guy is awesome here if you can summon him, but it just wonít happen nearly often enough to warrant using him.  Draft him for his rarity, or donít draft him at all.  1.5/5


H4x0r pwnz0rz y00

Lee Sandow
Knives101 Alcadies

To get this card into play you have to cast an aeris at least. Aeris costs five mana. Alcadies costs six mana. So at the very least you must use up eleven mana and two cards just to get Alcadies into play. Most players will bounce or kill your evo bait. And even if you get Alcadies into play it will get killed by Corile, Rothus, Chaos Worm, or Ballom. Frankly Alcadies is something that will pwn lesser players. Most skilled players will laugh at your futile attempts to get Alcadies into play though. So in short: It's too costly and too easy to deal with.

Rating: 2

Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits

6 for 12500. Whoa. This is the_biggest_ creature in the game thus far, and its effect will really help when youíre taking out your opponent shields. Your opponent wonít be able to Snare/Pit/Gate/Tele/etc. this to the grave, because they simply canít cast them. Holy awe wonít even be to effective against this monster, because nothing else has the power to overrun Alcadeias.


Alcadeias has expensive bait. This is a slight setback, except for Aeris, Flight Elemental. Getting this out turn 6 would be huge, making a third of your opponentís deck useless! (Provided they arenít running light. Even then, they have no removal.)


This card can see play, and when itís out, itíll be incredibly effective.



Mohamed Alhendy

Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits has a great effect, but its other stats make it hard to use. First of all, Alcadeiasís race makes it come out very slowly. Presently, there is only one 5-Cost Angel Command, Aeris. All the others cost 6, 7, and 8 mana. This makes it very difficult to bring out Alcadeias before turn 7. Secondly, Alcadeiasís baits are all fatties. They are all big targets of removal. Whenever your opponent draws a Terror Pit or Natural Snare, or something else that can kill Angel Commands, heíll be sure to use it, which makes it very hard to use Alcadeias. Lastly, Alcadeias isnít a well-protected creature. Itís hard to be able to have more creatures than just him on the field when you play him. This makes him susceptible to Rothus. He is also vulnerable to slayers, since he canít block tapping creatures or tapping spells. All youíve got to do is play slayer then play a mielie, kolon, fonch, moonlight flash, solar ray, or holy awe to kill alcadeias.


However, Alcadeias does have its advantages. If you can get around slayers and rothus, youíve got pretty good field control with Alcadeias. He currently has the strongest attack power in the game too, so you can keep attacking free of worry of getting killed by a stronger creature. Double breaker is always a plus, cause 2 shields is better than 1.


The difficult stage for an Alcadeias deck is getting Alcadeias out. Once you do that, if you make your moves carefully, you should be able to successfully finish the game.




Constructed Rating: 3.5/5 for an Alcadeias Deck, 2/5 for a non-Alcadeias Deck

Limited Rating: 1/5 (your not gonna get nearly enough Aeris and Alcadeias here for the evolution to be effective at all.)

The Antman
Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits- Very Rare-#1(DM-04)

What better card to do for New Years Eve then the 1st card in the Shadow Clash set. I end my Choices for this week with: Alcadeias, Lord of Spirit.

Wow... Does this guy scream control or what??? you play this guy and your like haha no Terror Pit for u and haha no Mega Detonator for you ^.^ The one problem I see for this Giant of a card (oh did I mention its 12500
attack?) is that its a Angel Command EVOLUTION, and the cheepest angel command is Aeris, Flight Elemental at 5 =/... well thats not so bad now is it... turn 5 play Aeris, turn 6 play Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits ^.^ yey im all happy again.

today for ratings 1 is the best and 10 is the worst ^.^ yey were counting down

8- Limited- if you could manage to get another Command go for it (Aeris is
1- Constructed- There are enough angel commands and stall light cads for you to get this dude out w/o much trouble

Final Thought of the year- Watch out for those other light decks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!



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