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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

Princess of War

Card #30

Date Reviewed: 12.24.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.15
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Lee Sandow

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the world,

Not a creature was stirringÖ except a single Dark lord. 

Sheíd laid out her gifts for the Demon Commands,

Extra power, and Ďblockerí was theirs to be had

But is Gregoria worth it, Iíll let you be the judge

While I sit and eat my Christmastime fudge.


Ok, Iíll admit that last limerick was stretching it, but still, poetry is an ART people.  Anyhow, today, we are reviewing Gregoria, Princess of War.  A nasty little bugger who can make your big, bad demon Commands bigger, badder, and blocker!


Gregoria, Princess of War

Cost:  6

Civilization:  Darkness

Card Type:  Creature
Creature Class:  Dark Lord

  • Each Demon Command in the battle zone gets +2000 power and has ďblocker.Ē  (Whenever one of your opponentís creature attacks, you may tap a creature that has ďblockerĒ to stop the attack. Then the 2 creatures battle.) 

Flavor Text:  ďThose fools in the clouds had better learn to like eternal midnight.Ē

Power: 5000

Mana Generated: 1

Rarity:  Rare

Card Number:  30/55


Christmas time is supposed to be cheery, so why do we keep reviewing cards that want to cast the world into darkness?  Iíll bet they donít believe in Santa anymore, and thatís why theyíve turned out so badÖ


Civilization/Race:  Itís a Darkness card.  Thatís deep information right there.  Itís a Dark Lord, which currently has no evolutions, and no cards to directly support its type.  Thatís OK, because SHE is doing the supporting here.


Cost:  Six mana is a very reasonable costÖ IF you have a good effect.  5000 power certainly isnít worth six mana, so her effect better come through to save her behind hereÖ


Power:  5000 Power is on par with the ďmiddle rangeĒ attackers, by which I refer to Barkwhip, Crystal Paladin, and others like them.  It will kill most small creatures, and then lose to big creatures in turn.  This is OK, but at a cost of six mana, is really lacking.


Abilities:  She gives all your Demon Commands 2000 extra power.  Not that most of them NEED it, but it can certainly make them even more 1337 than they already are.  Then, they get Blocker.  I donít know if most Demon Commands NEED this ability.  Most of them are double breakers, and they will be attacking most of the time.  Why youíd leave one to block is beyond me (unless it was summon sick, in which case it can double as a blocker until your next turn).  Demon Commands are meant to be your swords, not your shields. 



Ok, now that Iíve reviewed these stats, letís see how they stack up. 


Constructed overview:  Gregoria is trying so hard to be lovedÖ but sadly, I fear that she is just not up to scratch.  I donít like cards that support very specific creatures.  If you have no Demon Commands outÖ then whatís the point?  She could potentially help your opponent out more than she could help you.  If you summon her when you have no demon Commands, she is an overcosted waste of space with no business being on the field.  She can be summed up in one word.  SITUATIONAL.  I donít like situational.

Donít waste my time Gregoria.  I donít know WHY Shadowmoon likes you.  1.5/5


Limited overview:  Here, itís decent.  It has a nice power level, but donít expect to use her effect.  The only demon Commands in this set are Trox, Photocide, and Ballom.  Odds are you wonít see Ballom or Trox, so that leaves one Demon Command.  Her effect wonít help you much.  Let me give you an example of something that happened to ME when I used her in draft.  I was simply using her for her power.  Then my opponent summoned a Photocide.  So now, he has an 11000 attack point blocker.  See the problem this posed?  2/5


Merry Christmas!



(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon - Indy
Gregoria, Princess of War
If the Dark Lords are the masters of the Darkness civilization, why aren't they more playable? Vampire Silphy has the most going for the Dark Lords, and even that creature spends a lot of time in the binder. While Gregoria doesn't pack a "sweeper" effect like the Queen of Death, her effect is tailored made for supporting the Dark Lords most prized creations, the Demon Command creatures. But, is her effect any good at this point in the game?

1. Each Demon Command in the battle zone gets +2000 power and has 'blocker."
First, it becomes important to note that Gregoria shows love for each player's Demon Commands. Suppose your opponent packs mana gain and gets his Demons out before you? Now you have to contend with his big guys first, and that may leave room for a 9,000 Zagaan to lay the smacketh down on your super cool Crystal Lancer. Like Shadow Moon, she has a universal support effect that can backfire. But unlike Shadowmoon her effect is limited to a specific race of creatures, ones costing serious moolah...err mana so it can be a task getting/keeping both Gregoria and a Demon out long enough for her effect to matter.

In terms of the 2000 power boost, it can turn some of the underpowered Demon Commands into scarier adversaries, and coupled with the blocker effect, turn them into or surpass the likes of Gran for roughly the same price--provided you can keep Gregoria around. A 9,000 Vashuna is nothing to sneeze at because it can come for 5 mana and sooner with mana gain. Gregoria gives Vashuna the power to mow down Fighters and Lancers, which is handy once Vashuna's 'can't attack' effect kicks in. Still, Demon Commands are plagued with summoning sickness and pricey summnoing costs, and the one that doesn't have summoning sickness--Ballom--is a task to get into play. 2000 power means nothing to Death Smoke, Chains of Sacrifice, Terror Pit or Natural Snare, but it greatly helps when going toe-to-toe with others creature.

Let's face it, Darkness blockers do not stick around. Ooze, Squito, Clown--all die within the blink of an eye. Gray Balloon has some legs, but not enough or sometimes it just gets evolved. The other blockers aren't nearly as playable, *cough* Night Master *cough* but even if they were they'd still be easy to deal with for many decks. The blocker status gives Darkness some late game protection, and turns Photocide/Vashuna into solid Fighter Dual Fang deterence. Gregoria's effects on Photocide make it capable of answering everything but Miar, Ballom, Alacadieas and seriously pumped hitters. Even so, Gregoria's effect turns your Demons into sitting decks for anything that slams blockers. Now your Demons are vulnerable to Crystal Paladin, Critical Blade, Scarlet Skyterror--all that jazz. Do you really want to see Ballom go to Critical Balde or be bounced by Paladin? Now, consider the point of having a DB in your arsenal anyways. You want beatsticks to ... um... beat. So, why risk losing Zagaan to blocker-hate or a creatrue overrruning it if you choose to block? If you want to pay 6 mana for a flexible blocker/beatstick then run Ladia Bale since it lacks summoning sickness. Again, if your opponent is sporting some Demons too, you'll have to work around some of the same huge walls, but perhaps you'll be armed with things like slayers or maybe even some Blades. Still, it's a gamble.

Effect Ratings:
Constructed: 2/5 in a Demon Command (Ballom) deck. Basically Gregoria Worm adds some stall until you can fish out Ballom. Not needed or worth playing in any other deck (until Dark Lords see an evolution--and only if the evo is any good). Not really "needed" in a Demon deck at this point.

Limited: 2/5. If you pull Demons, it's most likely going to be 1 or 2 at the most. Gregoria would be played just to have something mid-sized for turn 6.
Hope your opponent doesn't pull and play and Demon when you don't have one.
It's a gamble, so weigh out all your other options before decking Gregoria.

6 mana for 5000 power. Bites. Barkwhip packs that at 2, Bone Spider at 3, Paladin at 4, Tri-Horned Shepard at 5. She's very underpowered. But, with her effects it's what you'd expect for a Darkness creature.

Constructed: 1.5/5. Vulnerable to early kill like Death Smoke, but your opponent is prolly going to use Smoke on one of your powered Demons if both are out at the same time. If you drop her before that, she's a flaming target.

Limited: 3/5. 5000 can kill a ton of what gets played before and after the 6 drop in Sealed and Draft. As with many other cards, things on the bottom of the ladder in Constructed can become solid picks in Limited.

[Other Considerations]
None at the moment.

[Where To Deck]
In a Demon Command deck. Yar, in a Ballom deck. The deck doesn't have to be mono-Darkness, but it should have some Demons--duh!

[Some Cards To Deck With It]
Hum...Demon Commands. Packing some mana gain can get the Princess and her warriors out sooner, which can spell trouble for an unprepared opponent.
Basically, the usual suspects when it comes to mono-Darkness build, with a bit of emphasis on late game beatsticks than normal.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Constructed: 1.7/5. If I'm running a Demon deck or Darkness deck in general I'd run something else in the 5 spot.

Limited: 2.5/5. Consider your other selections first. If you have next to nothing going for your late game, then it's an okay pick. Just hope that you don't see any Demons staring at you from across the battle zone.

Fish &
Here's the review of Gregoria, princess of War.
Hey everyone! First off, I would like to apologize for my hasty review of Purple Piercer. i gave that card a much higher score than I truly think it deserved. Now that that's out of the way, I see that this set has way too many conditional cards. Conditional cards are cards that need a certain creature or color, like Demon Command, in play to be effective. Gregoria just isn't effective. Demon Commands are few and far between, and this card isn't particularly strong, so if you use it, there's no guarantee that it will stay for long. a +2000 power bonus is nice, but that's all it is. This is an excellent example of the cons outweighing the pros. Some of this set's cards have been a real letdown to me. Let's just hope they get better.
Constructed: 1.5/5 Way too conditional.
Limited: 1/5 Even worse because there are less Demon Commands.
Hey! This is Chips with a review of Gregoria, Princess of War. This card is not too great with its 6 for 5000 tradeoff but the effect isn't too great either. It only works for Demon Commands. There are 3 or 4 Demon Commands and they all have high power anyway so this card is most likely a waste of deck space.
Constructed: 1/5 Not a good card at all.
Limited:1/5 This card is useless in Limited Play.

The Antman
Gregoria, Princess of War- Rare-#30(DM-04)
Well... not a card I would have chosen for Christmas eve, but ok.
Well people... this card does give every demon command DB, but almost everyone has it anyways so why bother?, I know I wouldnt.  There are much better choices in the world.
constructed- 1.1/5 next
Limited- 2.4/5 there is a low chance you will get a demon command.
Final Thought- there are better fish in the pool
Knives101 Gregoria, Princess of War.

Hey does anybody out there want to know what survivors are like? Well then just run this card in a Ballom deck. Gregoria works pretty well to give your Demon Commands a nice boost in power, as well as the blocker ability. The problem with running Gregoria is that Demon Commands are really costly, and you need a lot of Demon Commands in your deck in order to feel her full effects. If you run too many Demon Commands then you will get outrushed. So I only recommend using Gregoria in a meta that has almost no rush decks.

Rating: 3

Gregoria, Princess of War


This thing isnít completely useless. =/


6 for 5000 is bad, but itís effect makes up for that.


Or does it?


Giving Demon Commands blocker isnít all that helpful. Demon Commands are generally these huge double breakers that take out all your opponentís creatures/shields whenever they feel like it. Giving them blockers lets them sit back andÖ stall. Instead of taking out your opponent, you get to block.


The second effect, +2000 to all Demon Command, is a lot better than what Supporting Tulip does to Angel Commands. Permanent power is much better than power attacker, because it makes them harder to take out with creatures, and can take them out of harmís way when your opponent is playing red.


The creature type, Dark Lord, is crap though. No evolution and no support.






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