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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site


Card #25

Date Reviewed: 12.02.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

The Antman
Marinomancer - Rare - #25 (DM-04)

Oh yah!!! its time to review the Blue Teddy bear playing leap frog!!! ^.^

wow who knew that a little teddy bear could be a cyber lord... and when i think of mancer i think of a BLACK necromancer.. anyways to reviewing the card.

In this set it seems that blue helps both light and darkness be in one deck but it also seems like light and darkness in this set realy dont like each other... or is that just me? no I don't think it is ^.^ Anyways Marinomancer just costs way too much for his ability, by turn five you will already be playing your big ole' monsters and not little 2000 support cards.
If Marinomancer costed 3 and was a spell, or costed 4 and was a 2000 creature he would have been a viable card, but he doesnt.

constructed- 1.2/5 I realy havn't seen any Blue/Black/Light decks yet, but I will be on the look out
Limited- 3.5/5 If you dont go Light and/or Black he can still be a viable deck thinner, just make sure he doesn't get your "bomb" card.

Final Thought- His biggest use would be in a Blue/Black or Blue/Light deck, but we just have to wait to find out


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
You might remember the buzz around this creature when it was called Akuan and it could net you up to 5 Light or Darkness cards for 4 mana. Thanks the DM gods this creature was nerfed when it hit the English game.
Marinomancer's draw power is a gamble, but the potential reward of 3 cards is appealing.

Netting 3 cards and a creature for 5 mana is a good deal. If it wasn't then no one would bother trying to pull off the Illusionary Merfolk + a Cyber Lord combo. But Marionomancer's draw of up to 3 cards in a Light, Darkness or Darkness/Light deck can be clipped for each Water card that you reveal.
Reveal 2 Water and 1 Light cards and you've just paid 5 mana for Aqua Hulcus

and trimmed the options available from your deck without extracting value from those cards. That price is worst if you reveal no Light or Darkness cards because you'd net only a creature with 2000 power for 5 mana. Those are the risks you run when you play Marinomancer. Still, if you net at least

2 cards with it then it's a solid play--you net a creature + the same draw as Brain Serum for 1 more mana. If you could net any 3 cards revealed when this creature hit the battle zone, then this card would be broken.

Effect Rating:
Constructed: 3/5. More draw power for two civilizations that can do great things when lots of cards are in hand is nice. It's not for every Light or Darkness deck, but those two civs also have the bonus of graveyard recursion. If you happen to drop a Water spell into your graveyard in a Light build, then you could fish it out with Phal Eega, and the same thing goes for Water creatures dumped in a Darkness build with cards like Dark Reversal. The draw is optional, so you don't have to deck out with it.

Limited: 2/5. Chances are solid that you're playing a 'skittles' deck in Sealed and have 3 or more civs with weird quantities of all the civilizations. In Draft you could try to pull heavy Darkness/Light with Water and have some chances of making this card work, but it's still risky since most other players will head for those same civilizations. Well, anytime you use Marinomancer for draw it's a gamble.

2000 power for 5 mana--this creature is played for the effect. It's weak for

the money. Good thing the draw power is a come into play effect. I'm not going to bother with a numerical rating for the power because it's not the deciding factor for playing it. You'll play it for the draw or not at all.

[Other Considerations]
Draw combo: It's a Cyber Lord, so you could combo this guy with "Ill-folk"
to net 3 more cards. Some duelists run Ill-folk, Emeral/Corile and Marinomancer in a Darkness or Light deck for added draw firepower--since those builds have access to other forms of draw like Aqua Hulcus, Magris, Mist Rias, Mongrel Man, and Brain Serum. In other words it's not unheard of to use it in the combo, but Marionmancer has greater chances of sending cards to your graveyard the more you Water down your deck. Keep that in mind

if you ant to use Marinomancer with Ill-folk.

[Where To Deck]
Marinomancer only nets you Light or Darkness cards in hand, so limit it's use to Light, Darkness or Light/Darkness builds.

[Format Ratings Overall]
Constructed: 3/5. In the right deck it could go a long way towards putting options into your hands. As the old saying goes "card advantage wins games."

I think that's even more poignant in a deck that pairs draw power with mana gain because you can translate those draws into plays sooner, but you don't want to hear me praiseWater/Nature anymore, right? And Marinomancer isn't even a consideration for that decktype. Anytime that you use Marinomancer for draw it's a gamble.

Limited: 2/5. I think it's more risky here, but it could net you a card or 2.
Knives101 Marinomancer -- Shadowclash of Blinding Night

In the right deck you can think of this guy as a Brain Serum for five mana.
Except Marinomancer let's you draw up to three cards, and can take sheilds.
The right decks to run this guy in would be, Light/Darkness, Darkness, or Light (all with a splash of water of course). Well there's not much else to say about this guy. Except that he's great in the right deck.

Rating: 4



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