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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Mana Nexus


Date Reviewed: 8.30.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.83
Limited Average Rating: 4.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


(Top 4 at
2004 GenCon
In my humble opinion, Mana Nexus is the best Rampage of the Super Warriors spell, and one of the top 5 cards from the set. I'd venture to say it's the best card of the set, but then I'd get reams of hate mail from people telling me that I spend too much time standing on my head. Of course they'd be right because standing on my head helps me find loose change under chairs

and I do it a lot on the weekends. But, just for the record, I am not going to say that it's the best card in the set and will stick to saying that its definitely worth playing in any deck that runs Nature. This "shield setting via mana robbing" spell has come in handy more than enough times to warrant my admiration.

#1 Another shield. The benefits of gaining another shield--often the "just saved my tail because I slapped down Holy Awe" extra shield--shouldn't even have to be discussed. You've all wished at some point that you had "just one

more shield" to hang into the game long to pull the win. You know, the win that would have come had you drawn your next card and...blah blah blah.
Well, stop wishing. Mana Nexus can fish that 1st turn Holy Awe mana drop and

put it into your shield zone where it belongs. Sure your opponent knows its coming, but who cares if the card you slap down is going to hurt him. Having

this sort of 'divine intervention' to save you when times are bad is what the Greeks called "deus ex machina," or a god who descends in a stage machine to straighten out the mess humans have made. In the case of Duel Masters, that would translate into a shield trigger that saves you when you're about to have your grand exit from the game. "Deus ex machina" might be bad for Greek tragedies, since it signals weak climax writing, but it's great for you. If cast early in the game, you might have anywhere from 6-8 shields before an opponent knocks one down.

#2 Annoyance factor. Yes, that's a plus. Anything that causes my opponent's plays to become hampered is good for me. That one extra shield could mean the difference between your opponent winning and you coming home with the prize. Want to make your opponent pull his hair out in frustration from not being able to keep you down? If Mana Nexus is in your shield zone and broken, then pop another Mana Nexus into your shield zone if you have it in your mana zone. Maybe that will keep you in the game long enough to drop a Terror Pit or Natural Snare into your mana zone for the second Nexus to set.

Good, clean fun had by all. Well, maybe just you.

#3 Trigger spell, affordable hard-casting cost. 4 mana to lose one mana might seem pricey, but it's not. That one mana you're losing gets a great new home in your shield zone. Make the spell count. Put a shield trigger into the zone with Mana Nexus. I've even put Dimension Gate down when presented with no other options.

#1 Loss of 1 mana. Sometimes if you hard cast Mana Nexus on your 4th turn you can set your startegy back a bit if you don't have or can't get to your mana acceleration.

#2 Timing. Sometimes Mana Nexus pops off the trigger when you don't have ideal choices for a card to zap from your mana zone and place into your shields.

#Lack of surprise. Your opponent knows what that new shield is and will plan

accordingly (read: hit that shield last).

Mana Nexus works in any deck running Nature. It's super great in my favorite

build, Water/Nature with Terror Pits splashed, because it opens up options for ensuring that the shield is more effective. While the spell at times can

be "dead" in the hand or off the trigger--when you don't have any good spells to slap into your shield zone--just being able to add another shield down helps. Mana Nexus is best when you have lots of mana to play with and shield trigger spells to choose with it.

Overall: 5/5. For any deck running Nature--especially with great shield trigger spells--add aat least 2 Mana Nexus for that extra protection factor.


(Top 4 -
2004 GenCon
Mana Nexus

Wow. This is just about the most playable card that Iíve seen in the Rampage expansion.

For a cost of four, add a card from your mana zone to your shields. How many times have you dumped a Terror Pit, Holy Awe, or a Natural Snare as mana first turn? Suddenly those shield triggers are useable. The Nexus is even a shield trigger, so it can form chains of shields if you have others as mana. For example: your opponent hits a Nexus shield trigger, you add a Nexus from the mana zone. Soon it looks like Nexus, Nexus, Nexus, SNARE!!

The only drawback is that it eats mana, but a typical nature deck shouldnít have trouble with this. This drawback of mana fuel also means that playing it early game can cripple you by killing much-needed mana. Bottom line? Use it to snag a trigger when you can afford it.

Constructed: 5/5 (more shields = good)
Limited: 4/5 (less shield triggers in

Bill Gill
(aka Pojo)
Pojo Review:

I probably would have given Mana Nexus 3 to 3.5 before the Gen Con Tournament, but seeing blue/green decks using this card in the late game changed me mind. My opponents were putting down really good shield triggers, or even another Mana Nexus. One game I remember setting off 8 shields before I got through for victory. Another game, I set off 7 shields, and lost.

Iím sold! And itís an uncommon, so even the poor folk can get 4 of these pretty easily.

Pojoís Overall Rating: 4.5



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