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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Earthstomp Giant

Super Warriors

Date Reviewed: 8.04.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.875
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Earthstomp Giant (Giant) - 5 / 8000
Gets out there cheap, and packs a wallop. But if you use it to swing at creatures or shields, wierd things happen to your mana zone. Sure, you can recover that Barkwhip or Duel Fang that you Bronze Arm flopped into the mana zone, but all your oter creatures (both those that you purposely put there plus the ones that went there after they died on the field). Interestingly enough, Nature doesn't seem to care about "Nature only" conditions to be met like the other region's rares. This creature might be used for a single rush of the opponent's shields, minimizing the setback of the mana zone effects (much like Fire and Darkness have to sacrifice shields to get some cool stuff to happen in Evo and Rampage).

Constructed - 3 / 5
Limited - 2 / 5
Knives101 Earthstomp Giant

What? You mean that's not a picture of a Darkness card? For weeks I thought that this was a picture of Giriel, Ghastly Warrior. Oh well.

Hmm. A five mana drop for 8000 power. Not too bad. Wait! When this card attacks return all creatures in your mana zone to your hand! That's not an effect that I'd like to use a lot. Of course maybe I could use very few creatures. And maybe all the creatures that I use could have Mighty Shouter like effects. If only there was a card that gave all my creatures in play a Mighty Shouter like effect. Oh wait there is! Now I can recycle my creatures over and over. Wow this card just might be really useful in the right deck. Only time will tell.

Final Rating: 3 (Only good for certian decks.)

Limited: 2 Losing mana is fun lol.
Earthstomp Giant
Weird picture.
Earthstome: Nature Creature, 5-Mana, 8000 Attack, Double Breaker. Almost too good to be true, huh? Whenever it attacks you have to return all creatures from your Mana Zone to your hand. Ouch.
There are ways to make this card work. You could run a deck and have nothing but four Earthstomp Giants and have the other 36 cards Spells. Dimension Gate, Crystal Memory, Brain Serum, heck--even Thought Probe could be used. You could run Terror Pit and Natural Snare. Of course, you can keep attacking with Earthstomp Giant even without a 36 Spell card deck, but just try not to place any creatures in the Mana Zone after it swings, okay? XD Hmm.. that doesn't sound like a bad idea now, does it? I actually like that idea! =D Now I just need four Earthstomp Giants.. maybe Cristine has extras..
In Limited it can be a force but you'll have many creatures in your Mana Zone. Of course, you could gain those creature back.. possible, but it IS a Super Rare after all.
Tournament: 3/5
Limited: 2/5
The Jolly Green Giant has nothing on Earthstomp Giant. Earthstomp Giant has all the power a heaping serving of vegetables provides with only half the bitter spinach taste. As far as Rampage Super Rares go, Earthstomp Giant stands tall as the top shinny pick from the set.

#1. Cost to power ratio is sweet--5 mana for 8000 power is great. Sweet early drop power comes with potential big-time mana wreakage, but in the right deck Stomp's drawback may not be a big hinderance. Nature had another early big hitter in Deathblade Beetle, but Earthstmp isn't Tornado Flame bait nor an easy direct hit kill when tapped.

#2. Double Breaker--being able to break 2 shields early is something for your opponent to worry about.

#3. Could open up creature casting options--Earthstomp's drawback--returning all creatures in your mana zone when it attacks--could be useful under certain circumstances. By 5 mana build up, most of your mana might be costly spells or a few creatures. When the creatures bounce to your hand, you might get back a needed Barkwhip or Bronze-Arm. You never know.

#1. Loss of mana everytime it swings--Too much mana loss is never a good thing. Never. Trust me. No deck wants to be working with only 2 or 3 mana after turn 6. Having this guy swing multiple times can kill you if you have lots of creatures as mana. If you're playing a mana destruction player, Earthstomp is going to help them hurt you even more. The loss of mana is a big drawback.

#2. Big Hand, Prime Target--I'd be careful slapping this guy down against a Darkness player. If that person's packing Lost Soul and you're packing lots of creatures in your mana zone when it swings--watch your opponent giggle with joy as he makes you plop your big creature-filled hand into your graveyard.

#3. Forced to make its attacks count--Most times you can swing with a creature and it doesn't matter what it hits. Earthstomp's mana bounce effect means you'll have to weigh which target is more important in the long term.
Do I lose mana for shield hits or do I lose mana to rid my opponent's zone of a nasty hitter? 99% of the time I hit with Earthstomp, it's going to be for 2 shields.

I like Earthstomp for he is--an early threat--but I have no illusions about what he can do to me--slow down my casting ability. This makes him an solid creature but at the same time a hard card to deck.

Constructed: 3/5. Earthstomp Giant is a creature that decks are bound to be built around. Play wisely with Earthstomp. The potential rewards are great but so are the potential loses.

Limited: 2/5. More of your mana might be creatures. Kill spells that can hit him are sparse. Stomp's a mixed bag of tricks.
& Chips
Hey everyone! This is Fish reviewing Earthstomp Giant from the Rampage set. I've noticed a running theme in the Rampage set. It really favors mono- type decks. Anyway, 5 mana for an 8000 double breaker helps green win even quicker. a quick 8000 could leave your opponent decimated. But this is a double edged sword people. It's effect states "When this creature comes into play, return all creatures in your mana zone to your hand." More then half of the cards in any deck(especially nature) are creature cards, so I doubt that all of your mana will be Spells. With all the mana nature generates, it might not be so bad though, and returning cards from the mana zone to your hand might not be so bad depending on what's in there. Of course, if your opponent goes first, you'd be looking straight into the eyes of Terror Pit or Natural Snare. This card might have potential later, but for now, it's just a worse Ucarn.

Constructed 1.5/5 It's pretty bad.

Limited 2.5/5 As with all of the arguments, you wont be seeing Terror Pit as much.

Hello again everyone this is Chips with a review of Earthstomp Giant. A green 5 for 8000 seems very good but wait look at the effect when this creature attacks return all creature cards from your mana zone to your hand. That effecty could hurt you more than your opponent in a way. This card is good in nature because of the quick mana nature creates for you but for now this card isn't very good





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