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Pojo's Duel Masters Card of the Day

Image from Wizards Duel Master site

  Bolshack Dragon

Base Set

Date Reviewed: 4.19.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.75
Limited Average Rating: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut

Multiple M:TG Pro Tour Appearances

What a fattie.  This is the "Charizard" of the set - the big fat creature that shouldn't be playable that kids like to collect.  Is it playable?

Actually, yes.  At a 6 drop, it's got very solid power - often larger than anything else on the board.  If you need something big and beefy to bust through in the later game, Bolshak might just be your man.  He's got a heft price tag, but I think it's worth it.

Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 5
Current Price:  $16.73


* game store owner (The Game Closet - Waco,TX)

* Scrye writer since 2002
Bolshack Dragon

This guy is good, but he is definitely overhyped. OK, who am I kidding. He's really good. Paying six mana for a 6000 point creature would almost have been good enough on its own. It doesn't stop there though. They give it +1000 for each fire card in your graveyard when it attacks. But that's not all...for the same low price of six mana you also get Double Breaker thrown in absolutely free. Simply crazy.

Rating: 5


Ray "Monk"
*DCI Tournament Organizer
*Game Store Owner (Gamer's Edge)
Bolshack Dragon

Bolshak Dragon is the coolest looking, but potentially worst of the super rares of each color. The creature is a 6000 already, and added thousands at this point donít really mean a lot. Either it gets Death Smoked or Terror Trapped or it doesnít. Its great that itís a Double Breaker, and I would definitely play it, but its ability is weaker than that of Urthís, or King Depthconís.

Constructed: 3

Casual: 2

Limited: 4


Name: Bolshack Dragon

Type: Creature

Civilization: Fire

Race: Armored Dragon

Cost: 6

Power: 6000+

Effect#1: While attacking, this creature gets +1000 power for each Fire card in your graveyard.

Effect#2: Double Breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

Flavor Text: The last city that offended it is now a ruin.

Mana#: 1

Set/Card#: Base Set, 69/110, Very Rare


Attributes: Bolshack is a creature of Fire.  Like Astrocomet Dragon, it is an ďarmored dragonĒ.  Currently, this does not affect game play, but hey, hopefully it will matter in a few sets.  This bad boy costs six mana to summon.  You get a base Power of 6000 for this: not quite breaking even-remember, for monsters with more than a cost of four, itís more than 1000 Power per mana.  So let us see if it got any good effects.


Abilities: Iíll start with the second ability-the coveted Double Breaker.  Always nice.  The first ability is what I like though: for each Fire card in your graveyard, this dragon gains +1000 Power.  Even if your opponent is doing bad, donít worry-just burn some Spells for a power boost.  Itís what Shadow Ghoul (from Yu-Gi-Oh) wants to be.


Uses/Combinations: Running it with inexpensive Fire cards (Creature and Spell) is a give me.   Less obvious might be running Rothus, the Traveler to help kill some stuff for both players.  What might be less obvious is tossing a little Dark Civilization in there.  Why?  Turn the downside of Black Feather, Shadow of Rage and Stinger Worm to your advantage.  Turn two, drop a Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, then Black Feather.  Thatís still 2 mana for a 3000 Power monster, and you arenít out an attacker-Braid Claw would still have been afflicted by summoning sickness.  Do the same thing for Stinger Worm, only that becomes 3 mana (and a Braid Claw) for the Stinger Worm.  Artisan Picora can work with this as well.  But all require careful planning, especially Picora, since while itís a single mana to summon, it also destroys a card in your mana zone.  Also, donít worry about pumping up too much-some people still donít get that this isnít Yu-Gi-Oh: itís PokťMagic! :-P Seriously though, unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, a high Power doesnít break more shields than a low Power (unlike ATK scores).




Newbie Format: 4/5-As long as you have the Fire cards to support it, itís a great card.


Standard: 4/5-Likewise here.  Itís not really strategy intensive.


Limited: 4.5/5-Double Breaker and a high attack so that my opponent has to have not wasted his few meager removal cards on it?  Sweet!



A good and surprisingly straight forward card, given that it has two effects.


The Antman Bolshack Dragon- Super Rare

Hi peoples today we have one of the big guys of the Duel Masters world, and I belive I am right in saying it is Shobu's favorite card (I dont watch the show realy...).

Bolshack Dragon can be a power house of a card if used right because of his "special" Power Attacker, power. For every fire card in your graveyard he gets a 1000 power boost which could be a lot if you play the deck right. He Probably would go best in a heavy spell deck and a bunch of low attacking blockers, but the deck has to be mono-fire (magic term XD) otherwhise it wont work out right because the deck will be cluttered with other color cards and decreasing the chance that this guy has to be a huge monster. Oh and he has double breaker, which is a added bonus

The Ratings:

Constructed- 2/5 (5/5 if in a mono-fire deck made around it) this card has to be played right if it is to be a game changing card.
Limited- 5/5 heck he is a 6000+ attacker for 6 with no draw back and in a mono-fire deck in this format he can be a tourny winning card

Final Though- I've said it many times and I will say it again ony use him in a mono-fire deck
Hydromorph Bolshack Dragon

There he is, the big dragon himself. Kids have flocked to this guy, making it their mascot. And rightfully so, heís just got the feel of a Timmy Rare. He could potentially be the biggest creature in the game, and most games as they are played by little kids is won by whoever can get the biggest dude on the field.

The thing that makes this guy an awesome ďrole modelĒ for little kids to play with is that there are so many ways to raise itís attack power. Sure, through simple creatures dying. But if you have a Fire Creature in your mana zone, you can sacrifice the mana when you play an Artisan Picora or Onslaughter Triceps. When mana kill becomes larger within the next few expansions, expect to see Bolshack Dragon getting better. But there will be things to overshadow it.

I personally think itís decent on itís own rights, and is probably one of the best red beat-sticks we have right now. It will also teach the little kids who will play it if they have it how to strategize getting it bigger, making them better at the game and still do their favorite things: Swing into the shields with a big, red dragon.

In draft, big dudes are good. Double Breaker is better. Draft it if your in red, hate it (draft it so someone else in red wonít get a chance to use it) if your not, then sell it and draft again.

Constructed - 4/5

Limited - 4.5/5

Stegyman Bolshack Dragon

Finally! My turn to pick the cards ;x

Bolshack Dragon: Fire Creature, 6-Mana, 6000 Power, Double Breaker. Interested? The text says that for every Fire card in your Graveyard, Bolshack Dragon gets +1000 Attack Power while attacking. That's nice; very nice.

Is this card good? DUH! How is it not good? Bolshack Dragon is to Fire as King Depthcon is to Water. For a measely 6-Mana you can drop a Double Breaker Creature with 6000 attack, and if that wasn't all, it gets a huge attack bonus whenever it attacks. You could combo this with Rothus, the Traveler (just have Rothus target itself) and Fire Spell cards. For the Spell cards, all you have to do is play them, and they go to the Graveyard! That means they add to Bolshack Dragon's unique power. Tornado Flame/Crimson Hammer/Rothus clear the board of creatures while Bolshack Dragon attacks your opponent's shields. Even if you aren't playing Mono-Fire, you should definately play this card. Some of your early Fire creatures would probably be destroyed, so Bolshack Dragon would still work wonders.

Pros: 6000 attack, 6-mana, Double Dreaker, +1000 Attack Power for Fire Graveyard cards

Cons: reverts to 6000 attack after it attacks

I wouldn't double think on playing this card. If you are running Fire at all, play this card. In Limited this is a first pick, guaranteed. You can easily switch to Fire if you open a pack with this card and you had already drafted some cards.

Tournament: 4/5

Limited: 5/5



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