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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

If you want to write a review of any Yu Yu Hakusho episode - we will post it.  We will give you full credit, and we will provide an active link to your website (if you want).  In your review, please tell us: 

  • English or Japanese subbed/dubbed version?
  • Episode Title & Episode #
  • Summary 
  • Your name, and your website if you have one.

Spirit Detective Saga

1) Surprised to be Dead
2) Koenma Appears
3) Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men
4) Requirements For Lovers
5) Yusuke's Back
6) Three Monsters
7) Gouki and Kurama
8) The Three Eyes of Hiei
9) The Search Begins
10) Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
11) Hard Fights for Yusuke
12) Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls
13) Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks
14) The Beasts of Maze Castle
15) Genbu, the Stone Beast
16) Byakko, the White Tiger
17) Byakko's Lair
18) Seiryu, the Blue Dragon
19) Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts
20) Seven Ways to Die
21) Yusuke's Sacrifice
22) Lamenting Beauty
23) The Toguro Brothers Gang
24) The Deadly Triad
25) Kuwabara's Fight of Love

Dark Tournament Saga

26) Toguro Returns
27) The Dark Tournament Begins
28) First Fight
29) Flowers of Blood
30) Dragon of the Darkness Flame
31) Stumbling Warrior
32) Knife-Edge Death Match
33) A Day in Waiting
34) Percentage of Victory
35) Glimpse Beneath the Mask
36) Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of Light
37) Master of Disguise
38) Kurama's Stand
39) Crushing Revenge
40) Jin, the Wind Master
41) Reverse Decisions
42) A Matter of Love and Death
43) The Masked Fighter Revealed
44) Yusuke's Final Test
45) Hiei Battles On
46) Many Faces, Many Forms
47) Legendary Bandit: Yoko Returns
48) The Cape of No Return
49) Genkai's Strength
50) Suzuka's Challenge
51) Arch-Rivals
52) The Death of Genkai
53) Overcoming Grief
54) The Beginning of the End
55) The Beast Within
56) Yoko's Magic
57) Beneath Bui's Armor
58) Wielder of the Dragon
59) The Shadow of Elder Toguro
60) Sakyo's Proposal
Yusuke vs. Toguro
62) Toguro's Full Power
63) Yusuke's Despair
64) Toguro's Desire
65) Out with a Bang
66) Toguro's Wish

The Chapter Black Saga

67) Return to the Living World
68) Setting the Trap
69) The Power of Taboo
70) Genkai's Ruse
71) The Tunnel
72) The Reader
73) The Doctor's Disease
74) Sleep, Doctor, Sleep
75) Caught in the Rain
76) Kuwabara: Awakening
77) Sensui's Fall
78) Divide and Conquer
79) The Human Race
80) Moving Target
81) Let the Game's Begin
82) If You Could Play Forever
83) Game Over
84) Kurama's Anger, Gourmet's Guest
85) Spirit Detective Showdown
86) The Difference Maker
87) Power Between the Teeth
88) The True Face of Sensui
89) Death of a Spirit Detective
90) Attempting Revenge
91) Waking the Lost
92) The Proof
93) Sensui's End
94) Topside

NOTE: Episode Titles beyond this point are possibly inaccurate.

The Makai Tournament Saga

95) The Fate Of Yusuke's Dangerous Relationship!
96) Midnight Visitor - Deep Mystery
97) Apart - The Way Of Each!
98) Go To Makai And Face Your Ancestor
99) Memory Which Can't Be Forgotten! The Matter When Born!
100) See The Light Again - The Secret Of the Jagan
101) Thieves Of Makai! Thousand Years Meeting!
102) Kitsune! Hidden Sense Of Killing!
103) Words Left By Dad - The Old Memories
104) Strange Proposition - Future of Makai
105) The Makai Tournament! The Beginning Of The Preliminaries!
106) The Battle Between Father And Son!
107) Fierce Fight! A Man Bets By Dream!
108) Kurama - Farewell With The Past!
109) Big Battle! Hiei And Mukuro!
110) This Is All My Power
111) The Final Decision
112) Forever Yu Yu Hakusho


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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