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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode #72: The Reader English Dub

Episode 72: The Reader

The episode starts out with the gang (Yusuke, Genkai, Kuwabara, etc….) walking outside. They see spirit insects floating around all over the city, but the normal humans do not. They go to the center of the "distortion", and Kurama senses something. He goes off running to the side of a warehouse and says that he thinks someone was watching him. The group goes off running…

The focus switches to Yusuke and Genkai. They are walking down the street when they sense that they have entered someone's territory. They walk into a café, and meet a weird guy in a pink shirt. The guy reveals that he has the power to read minds. Kido decides to see if he is a real mind reader, so he charges and tries to step on his shadow. The guy dodges, and Kido gets beaten up. The guy brags some, and Yusuke decides to shut him up. Yusuke says he will throw a straight right jab at the guy and stop just short of his face. The guy reads his mind and determines that Yusuke is telling the truth. Yusuke charges and does what he said he would do. But, Yusuke is at 30% power, and the shockwave from his punch knocks the guy unconscious. Yanasigawa (the copy guy) then copies him, and determines that he is just a normal guy. The Reader (we're going to call him that) is sitting on a monument in the park. Genkai tells him to listen for thoughts that sound weird. He identifies the tall guy with slicked back hair (Sensui). Sensui Proceeds to shoot the Reader and starts talking to "Yusuke Urameshi" (sounds a lot like Toguro…). When the group is in the ambulance taking the Reader to the hospital, Genkai reveals that the "bullet" used to shoot the reader was a pencil eraser. The scene switches to Kayko and Shizuru, who are looking for Yusuke and Kuwabara. They see the ambulance with Yusuke in it, and see Puu flying after it. The scene again switches, this time to Sensui. One of his allies (Sniper-sorry guys I know all of the characters, but they haven't been introduced yet, so I'm trying my best not to name themL) drops in and says that Yusuke is at the hospital, and that Doctor will intercept them shortly. The Reader is reading Sensui's thoughts, and tells Yusuke the names of "the seven" (Black Angel-Sensui, Gatekeeper-Itsuki, Sniper-Hagari Kaname, Doctor-Kamiya Minoru, Gourmet-Makihara Sadao, Game Master-Amanema Tsukihito, Sea Man-Mitarai Kiyoshi). Genkai explains that Sensui was NOT in fact the one who shot the Reader, but it was someone else, someone far away. The Reader freaks out, and the episode ends.

-Quint Carr

(NOTE: summary is also attached)


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