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Episode #56 - Yugi v.s. the Rare Hunter 1

Yugi arrives in Domino square and finds a few familiar faces-friendly and otherwise-all the while searching for Joey. Meanwhile, Tea searches for Yugi

and Joey also prepares for a duel. Kaiba appears on Kaiba Craft 3 and reminds everyone of the rare card rules and also reveals the secret on the locater card each duelist received. He reveals his participation in the tournament, and several duelists vow to be victorious. Meanwhile, Joey tracks down Seeker, who is researching cards on his laptop, and challenges him to a rematch. Seeker refuses, saying that he was only interested in Joey's Red Eyes. Joey persists, and Yugi shows up to investigate. Joey tells

about Seeker, and Seeker challenges Yugi to a duel for the Red Eyes and the Dark Magician. Yugi accepts, but before Joey can warn him about Exodia, Seeker threatens to rip Red Eyes to shreds. Yugi shows off a few new cards, and Seeker repeats his strategy to keep his lifepoints at full. Joey finally

can't stand it and is about to tell Yugi about Exodia, but Yugi stops him.
He says he owes Joey for all he's done, including trying to save Yugi's Exodia cards. Suddenly Yugi realizes that Exodia is Seeker's strategy, and relays this realization to the crowd. Seeker, unshaken, says that even knowing his strategy cannot stop it. Yugi says no one has defeated Exodia, but says he will become the first. Elsewhere, Kaiba's computer techs discover that Seeker placed himself into the tournament database. Mokuba, newly appointed commisioner of the tournamet, goes to cancel the duel, but Kaiba stops him. Kaiba delights at discovering that the Rare Hunter's have taken his bait, and hopes to claim the other two God Cards soon. He also is glad that Yugi will have to confront the Exodia he used against Kaiba.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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