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Episode #69 - The Legendary Fisherman 2

Joey calls out a fused monster, but it is halted by Mako's water based trap cards. Mako then calls out his secret weapon: a Sea Stealth 2 card, the Legendary Fisherman. Mako explains how he obtained this card and what it means to him and why he duels, before using it to decimate Joey's monster ranks. He also calls forth his previously mentioned Fortress Whale, and puts

Joey in a tight spot. Joey manages to defeat the Fisherman and then Fortress

Whale with Panther Warrior. Mako revives a monster and hides it beneath the waves, but Joey uses his Giant Trunade to destroy Mako's Umi card, dissolving the watery shroud on the field. The hidden monster is revealed as

the Legendary Fisherman, and Joey destroys it and ends the duel. Mako gives Joey two locator cards and his Fortress Whale and Legendary Fisherman. Joey says he will use it well, and Mako says that he had better. Yugi and Kaiba close in on Joey's location, and Yugi prays they will arrive in time.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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