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Episode #68 - The Legendary Fisherman 1

In the beginning, we see Mako Tsunami catching a netload of fish by an aquarium tank. He falls in and is being chased by a whale when the keeper shows up. He explains the situation, but she collapses. He catches her and offers to take her place in a show later that day. Elsewhere, the spirit of the Millennium Ring detects the presence of Marik. He meets Joey and co. by a poster, upon which is a picture of Mako Tsunami starring in the show. As Joey heads off to duel, Bakura plans to achieve great power. Elsewhere still, Yugi is stopped by a pair of Rare Hunters. Kaiba arrives and they hold a tag-team duel, in which Kaiba devastates them with Obelisk the Tormentor. The two set off for the location of Joey's duel disk. Joey arrives at the show and challenges Mako to a duel. Joey draws and discovers that he forgot to take the Parasite from his duel with Weevil out of his deck. His plan to infect Mako fails, and Mako unleashes a torrent of powerful sea beasts. Joey uses his Dice cards to weaken Mako's creature, and

Mako tells of his ultimate secret weapon in the deep.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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