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Episode #128 - The Darkness Returns 4

Marik reveals the ultimate abilities of Ra: Phoenix mode, in which it is completely invincible, and monster disintegration, in which it can destroy a

monster instantly. Since each monster causes its wielder to lose energy when

destroyed, Joey will lose the last of his strength. Elsewhere, Serenity rushes to support Joey in his duel. Meanwhile, Marik unleashes the fury of Ra, leaving Joey almost unconcious. Somehow, however, Joey stays awake and standing, and summons Gearfreed the Iron Knight to attack Marik and win the duel. Unfortunately, Joey collapses in exhaustion, just as Serentiy reaches the arena. Marik wins automatically, and Joey is taken back to the blimp unconcious.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


The Darkness Returns (4)

Yami Marik unlocks another ability of Ra which is to destroy every monster on the opponent's side of the field. Yami Marik uses it and Joey is burned alive. Serenity is rushing to get to the top of the tower. After being burned, Joey is half-alive. He then draws Gearfried the Iron Knight. This monster would have been able to lower Yami Marik's life points all the way down to zero. But, before he can use it, Joey faints and loses his pulse, right when Serenity makes it to the top. Yami Marik calls the duel off and demands to be declared the winner. Kemo agrees and declares Y. Marik the winner. Kaiba then says (much to the chagrin of Yugi and Co.) that he can stay on the blimp for treatment. The episode ends there. - Greatkidno



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