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Episode #53 - Steppin' Out

The episode starts off with school letting out, and Tea closing her locker, only to find it raining outside. Joey and Tristan are cleaning up the halls for some unknown reason, and the two are talking about Serenity getting her operation thanks to Joey winning the three million dollars from the Duelist Kingdom tournement. Afterwards, Yugi talks with Tea about the Spirit of the Puzzle being troubled about not knowing his past. He asked Tea to help him through the next day and she agrees (Yugi and Tea are dating!!!). The next morning, Yugi and the Spirit are talking with each other, and then meet Tea at the train station, where Yugi uses the Puzzle to transfrom into the Spirit, which leads to the Spirit freaking out at Yugi. The two then go to a fast food-esque place and talk about the new Ancient Egyptian Exhibit at the museum, which is Ishizu's stone tablets from the previous episode. The two then go to a card shop and Yugi gets Lightforce Sword, which will be used later on in the Battle City tournement. They then go to the arcade, where Johnny Steps makes his appearence on a DDR-esque game with 8 foot panels!!! Tea then challenges them and wins even though Steps cheating by attacking her. The two then watch the sunset at the pier, until Steps returns and Yugi challenges him to a duel.

The duel starts off with Steps playing Sonic Maid (1200/900) in ATK Mode. Yugi follows up with Celtic Guardian (1400/1200) and attacks the Maid (Steps LP: 1800). Steps then plays Water Omotics (1400/1200) in ATK Mode. Yugi ends without playing anything. Steps then plays Spirit of the Harp (800/2000) in DEF Mode and follows up with Chorus of Sanctuary (Harp now 2500 DEF). Yugi realizes a huge mistake by Steps and plays Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) and attacks Omotics (Steps LP: 1200). Steps then realizes his mistake and plays Witch of the Black Forest (1100/1200) and uses Polymerization, fuses Witch with Lady of Faith (1100/800) to make Musician King (1750/1500). MK attacks Celtic Guardian with an ultrasonic wave (Yugi's LP: 1650). Steps sets one card f/d and ends. Yugi attacks Musician King, only to fall to Metalmorph (MK: 2050/1800) and is destroyed (Yugi's LP: 1600). Yugi then plays Giant Soldier of Stone (1300/2000) in DEF Mode and ends. Musician King attacks (ATK: 2700; Yugi's LP: 1600) and Tea realizes that Yugi's in trouble thanks to Metalmorph's power up effect. Yugi follows up with Dark Magician (2500/2100) and attacks Musician King (Steps LP: 750). Steps then recognizes Yugi and forfiets, until Tea gives him a "speech" and makes him realizing that running never solves problems. Then episode ends with Yugi and Tea entering the museum, which'll carry on in the next episode.

- - - -

Steppin' Out

Since Yami is confused about his past, Yugi arranges a little time with Tea to help him out. Yami protests when he discovers what's going on, but comes around. After they have lunch and Tea points out the new Egyptian exhibit in

a magazine along with her inspiring speech on facing what's out there, they go around town. After going to the music store and then a card shop (where Yugi obtains Lifeforce Sword) they go to arcade. There, a guy known as Johnny Steps is ruling the dancing game (similar to Dance Dance Revolution) until Tea goes for it. Johnny attempts to cheat, but Tea beats him anyway.
Afterwards, Yami tells Tea he has realized what he must do, but before they can head to the museum, they are met by Johnny Steps. He challenges Tea to a

rematch, but Yami takes up the challenge instead in a game of Duel Monsters.

Johnny plays with a badly assorted deck, but takes Yugi down a few pegs with

Heavy Metal King. However, Yami defeats this monster and then scares Johnny into surrender by revealing his name. Tea stops Johnny and tells him the importance of not backing down and of true friends. Later at the museum, Yami thanks Tea for her help and then faces the steps, saying that whatever is beyond those doors, he is ready to face it.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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