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Episode #55 - Stalked By the Rare Hunters

When Yugi and Tea break the news of the Battle City tournament to Joey and Tristan, Joey throws a fit because he wasn't sent an invitation but took second at Duelist Kingdom. When they arrive at the registration office, Yugi

learns that he has the highest possible duelist ranking and that the info on

all duelist's decks is in the mainframe. In addition, he recieves the new model duel disk. But when Joey is called up, it is discovered that he has the lowest dueling class and isn't allowed to compete. Joey goes nuts and claims that "moneybags" fixed those results, and Tristan points out that Kaiba doesn't like him. Unbeknownst to them, the office manager is working for Marik and notices that Joey's rarest card is the Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Knowing that his master seeks all rare cards, he alters Joey's level and tells him that there was a malfunction. Joey is overjoyed at getting his duel disk and then leaves on his own to see his sister before her operation.

After Tristan gives Tea and Yugi the 411 on how Joey's mother is there, the scene shifts to the manager who makes a phone call to the Rare Hunters, informing them that the boy with the Red Eyes just left. Taking a shortcut through an alleyway, Joey runs into several robed figures who turn out to be

Rare Hunters. They bar his passage and their apparent leader, whose name is Seeker, challenges him to a duel by Battle City Rules so that the winner takes the Red Eyes Black Dragon. After a few turns of wiping out Seeker's defensive monsters, Joey summons his Red Eyes and thinks he has things in the bag. However, Seeker unleashes the Exodia combo, crushing Joey instantly. He reveals that he has three complete Exodia sets in his deck, then he and his pals rough Joey up and take the Dragon. All the while, Serenity has been waiting for Joey to show up. The next day, Yugi and co.
search for Joey and Tristan finally finds him on his motorcycle and takes him to the hospital. Serenity is refusing to leave her room and the doctor is about to leave when Joey arrives. After a brief greeting to his mother, Joey talks to Serenity and manages to coaxe her out of her room. After phoning Yugi about the situation, Joey vows to hunt Seeker down and reclaim his prize Red Eyes Black Dragon.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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