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F-1 - Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie: Pyramid of Light

The movie begins with an alternating scene of Yugi building the Millennium Puzzle and an archaological dig at the tomb of Anubis. As Yugi completes the

Puzzle, the tomb collapses, and several duel monsters appear in Yugi's room.

Yami, awakened for the first time, sends them back inside the Puzzle.
Several years later, a summary of Yugi's dueling fame is shown around the world on various television screens. The narrator claims that Yugi is practically unstoppable, and of course several duelists claim they could beat him. At Kaiba Corp., Kaiba pits his deck against that of a virtual Yugi, including all three Egyptian God Cards: the Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Obelisk the Tormentor. Kaiba unleashes his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with twice the strength, but the virtual Yugi sacrifices Slifer and Ra to make Obelisk ifinitely powerful, destroying Ultimate Dragon. Kaiba scolds his techs, and then begins to contemplate a possible place to obtain a card to defeat Yugi. Meanwhile, at Maxamillion Pegasus's country estate, a mysterious figure touches a chest of special cards. Pegasus dreams of the Egyptian God Cards trapped in a mysterious pyramid, and awakends. He is troubled, but dismisses it as eating before bed. The next day, Kaiba arrives at the estate in his Blue Eyes plane, and challenges Pegasus to a duel. The stakes: whatever cards Pegasus made that can defeat the God Cards and Kaiba's three Blue Eyes White Dragon cards.
After a few turns, Kaiba trounces Pegasus's Toon cards, and then takes the anti-God Card cards from the chest. Meanwhile, as Yugi and co. are leaving school, a large group of duelists shows up to challenge Yugi. Joey holds them off by dueling while Yugi and Tea sneak away. The two hide in the museum, and encounter Yugi's grandpa. They go to a strange exhibit from the tomb of Anubis, where grandpa reads a strange prophecy from the sarcophagus.

Also part of the exhibit is a mysterious artifact known as the Pyramid of Light, which unbeknownst to Yugi is an eight Millennium Item. Suddenly, a strange force knocks Yugi out, and when he comes to, the mummy and the Pyramid are gone. As he leaves the museum, Mokuba drives up in a limo and tells Yugi that Kaiba wants to see him with his duel disk. Joey and Tristen get to the store where Yugi lives with his grandpa just as Yugi leaves in the limo with his duel disk. The limo travels to Kaiba's Duel Dome, and Yugi

and Kaiba hold a rematch. Kaiba allows Yugi to call forth all three Egyptian

God Cards, then unleashes a new card: the Pyramid of Light! Yugi recognizes the name, and the card destroys his God Cards. Meanwhile, Yugi is pulled into the Millennium Puzzle, with Joey and Tristen not far behind. They encounter a chamber with Anubis's sarcophagus-and an army of living mummies-inside. They run, and discover the Pyramid of Light attacking the Millennium Puzzle. As Kaiba unleashes his Peten the Dark Clown cards and his

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon combo, Yami realizes that he grows weaker as he loses lifepoints. Yami pullsd a rabbit out of his hat by summoning the ultimate Dark Magician card incarnation, the Sorcerer of Dark Magic.
However, Kaiba pulls out his second anti-God card, summoning the all new Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. Wiping the floor with Yami's monsters, Kaiba attempts to destroy the Pyramid of Light in order to destroy Yami with his own God Cards. However, Anubis rises from the tomb early and knocks Kaiba out, summoning his Sphinx monsters to leave Yugi defenseless. Pegasus shows up and airlifts Tea, Grandpa, and Mokuba, who had been outside the Pyramid, out of the Duel Dome. Tea, however, is drawn into the Pyramid, and joins her

friends in fighting into Anubis's tomb. Yugi comes up with a plan, and shatters Anubis's power source. This allows Yami to take out the Pyramid of Light card with Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, and reestablish his link with Yugi

while Joey, Tea, and Tristen are brought out. Anubis summons his ultimate monster, Sphinx Theinen, but Yugi revives his Egyptian Gods and combines their power to take out the Sphinx. Anubis's body vanishes and the Pyramid of Light shatters, but the red ball in the center reforms Anubis into a real

monster, who knocks away Yugi and Kaiba's decks. Joey attempts to attack, but Anubis brushes it off. Kaiba then gives Yugi the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, which destroys Anubis for good. Afterwards, Kaiba vows that they will duel again, and stalks off with Mokuba. Yugi is thankful for his friends, and the movie ends. Note: an odd thing about this movie is that it is not actually part of the Yu-Gi-Oh TV series timeline. The events are not mentioned in the final Battle City episode, which features a review of the Yu-Gi-Oh Enter the Shadow Realm season, nor in Yu-Gi-Oh Waking the Dragons.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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