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Episode #66 - Mime Control 2

Picking up where we left off, Yugi is bracing his defenses for an assault from Slifer the Sky Dragon. A third Slime Token appears, and Strings sacrifices all three to summon Slifer. Since Slifer has only 3000 attack points, while Buster Blader's special effect puts it at 3100, Yugi attacks.
However, Strings uses Pot of Greed to increase Slifer's power. With Buster Blader destroyed, Yugi's hopes of victory are slim. Elsewhere, Kaiba and Joey meet up, and Kaiba gives Joey one too many insults. They are about to duel when a Kaiba Co. Helicopter arrives and informs Seto that an Egyptian God Card has been played. Kaiba takes off, and though he claims he could take Kaiba anytime, Joey breathes a sigh of relief. Yugi calls on his Dark Magician Girl, but activates Slifer's second mouth ability. This allows Slifer to drain any monster of 2000 points no matter what mode it's in. Dark

Magician Girl is too weak to survive, but Yugi rescues his monster with the Magical Hats. Slifer launches a normal attack, but Yugi redirects it with his Magic Cylinder. Before it can hit Slifer, however, it is intercepted by Revival Jam. Strings says that he has the ultimate five card combo: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Revival Jam, Jam Defender, Infinite Cards, and Card of Safe Return. Next turn, he brings down Dark Magician Girl. Yugi slumps, ready to concede, when Kaiba appears. Contrary to his usual disposition, Kaiba encourages Yugi, but secretly hopes to learn Slifer's secrets for himself.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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