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Episode #107 - Mechanical Mayhem 2

Joey, Yugi, and Tea arrive at Nezbit's dueling site, and learn that Tristan is gone. Joey tries to take his place, but Nezbit won't allow it. Duke, meanwhile, manages to take down Machine King using a few dice based cards and his trusty Orgoth the Relentless. However, Nezbit uses Recycling Plant to revive Machine King a merge together with it to create Perfect Machine King. In this new form, he easily bests Orgoth. Joey finally coaxes Serenity

into dueling, and she thinks of what Tristan taught her. Elsewhere, Kaiba and Mokuba approach the site from the outside, and Kaiba recognizes it as the weapons lab he had Nezbit destroy years ago. Nezbit recalls the events following that, and despises Kaiba for what he did. Serenity and Duke, calling on their deckmasters and a card left by Tristan, create a monster that has power equal to Perfect Machine King. It causes a draw, and Nezbit is destroyed therefore ending the duel. However, he can escape in Tristan's body, and elsewhere, Tristan awakens with a whole new perspective on things-quite literally.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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