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Episode #106 - Mechanical Mayhem 1

As Joey, Yugi, and Tea search for their companions, Serenity, Tristan, and Duke find themselves in a factory. There, they run into Nezbit, technical expert of the Big 5, who has taken the form of Robotic Knight. He challenges

Serenity to a duel, but Tristan won't allow it. Duke tries to fill in, seeing as how he is the only one with real duelng experience among them. He then proposes two on one, but Nezbit decides that he will duel all three of them at once. The floor between them splits, and reveals a pool of hot plasma. If they attempt to talk about strategy, they will plummet into it.
Nezbit leads off, with the other three going in order. Serenity plays poorly, and Tristan even more so, because he is trying to divert Nezbit away

from Serenity. Meanwhile, Nezbit continues to pound them down with his deckmaster ability. He launches a Machine King attack on Serenity, but Tristan has his deckmaster take the hit. He reveals that he lied to Serenity, and that he only knows the basics of duel monsters. He falls into the plasma, leaving a heartbroken Serenity behind.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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