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Episode #60 - Master of Magicians 1

Yugi, searching for a duel, encounters a freakish jester in the park who leads him to a tent. Tea and Grandpa, searching for Yugi, spot him entering the tent and then a magicians cabinet inside. However, it collapses after closing, thus preventing any further trailing of Yugi. Back at Kaiba Co., Kaiba notices that Yugi's duel disk signature has disappeared from the grid and begins scanning for other holographic networks. Yugi finds himself in a dark registration office with his file on the computer. Suddenly, the Dark Magician changes appearances and emerges from the computer, saying that Yugi

will not hold him much longer. From out of the shadows Arcana appears, a strangely dressed Rare Hunter whose name was mentioned during a clip of Marik's lair earlier. He also possesses a Dark Magician card, and challenges

Yugi to a duel of magicians. Yugi accepts and they go down to a strange dueling field in the basement. After cutting their decks, they are both shackled and strange disks appear. Arkana explains that these are dark energy disks, and that they move closer as a duelists lifepoints get lower.
One touch from the disk and your mind is banished to the Shadow Realm! As Arkana examines his hand, he is not surprised to find his Dark Magician there. Unbeknownst to Yugi, Arkana used a trick to put his Dark Magician at the top of his deck. Yugi begins the duel with Alpha the Magnet Warrior.
Arkana summons a monster with plans to summon his Dark Magician, but Yugi uses Brain Control to manipulate the monster and summon his own Magician. At

Kaiba Co., Arkana's field is located and Mokuba is sent to find Yugi.
Meanwhile, Arkana is shaken from Yugi's attack, but vows that he will defeat

Yugi and trap him in the Shadow Realm.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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