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Episode #81 - Let the Finals Begin!

At the finals stadium, Kaiba waits for-in his opinion-his "so-called"
competition. Meanwhile, Marik discusses his plans with Odion, who will play the part of Marik while the real Marik acts under the false identity of Namu. Kaiba hears Marik's laughter and has the stadium lights turned on.
Then, the finalists begin to arrive. Yugi, Joey, Mai, and the crew show up first, followed by Marik, whom Tea introduces to Yugi as Namu. Then Bakura shows up, much to everyone's surprise, making Yugi suspicious. Then Odion shows up in the guise of Marik. Roland then announces that the site of the finals is not the stadium. Kaiba Craft 3, the true site of the finals, shows

up. Everyone boards, including the non-duelists thanks to Mokuba. They are about to take off when the eighth duelist, Ishizu, appears. Because of her timing, none of the other finalists know that she is aboard. Kaiba, Yugi, and Mai prepare for the finals. The non-duelists bunk in Joey's room, much to his chagrin. Odion and Ishizu meditate, and Bakura waits for the finals.
Marik goes over the details of his plan, including Odion posing as him, his alliance with Bakura, and his secretly maintained control over Tea. The episode ends with Roland calling all finalists to the gallery for matchups for the first round.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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