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Episode #147 - Legend of the Dragons

Professor reveals that he uncovered a lost city under the sea, where he found carvings of Duel Monsters. This points to a conclusion that the game originated in the city rather than in Egypt. He also reveals that the city is Atlantis! Tristen dismisses it, and gets hit by Rebecca, who is revealed to be a college student. Back to the subject, the Professor reveals that there was a great war between good and evil that sank Atlantis. He believes that the evil has now returned to threaten the world again. Yugi shows him Gurimo's pendant, and he remembers an identical substance in Atlantis. He takes it and departs with Rebecca. Elsewhere, the bikers deliver the God Cards to a mysterious person named Dartz, who places the cards within several stone snake mouths. Yugi dreams and finds himself in the world where

duel monster live, and meets the Dark Magician Girl. He then unseals an ancient dragon known as Timaeus. He wakes up, and goes to the square with the others. Dozens of duel monsters are drawn into a giant crystal, and a giant eye emerges. It attacks Yugi, but Yugi miraculously summons the Eye of

Timaeus, the dragon he dreamt of. It attacks the eye, which is revealed as a

weakened Great Beast, and Dartz promises to reenergize it.

By Red Eyes Fan #1


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