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Episode #102 - Freeze Play 1

In his computer chair, Noah watches as his prisoners make their way through the virtual world. He receives a communicae from Big 2, known as Crump, who wishes to make up from Gansley's failure. Noah tells him he has already selected Crump's opponent, and that he should have no trouble beating her.
This last is said as a viewscreen shows Tea after her escape in the last episode. After a strange dream sequence, she follows the penguin from last episode to a raft that takes her to an area filled with penguins. She arrives at a strange building and is greeted by Crump, who is the accountant

for the Big 5. He mentions several numbers concerning her, saying that he must learn about her in order to become her. She attempts to leave, but ends

up in his iceberg dueling arena. Tea selects Dark Magician Girl as her deck master, while Crump takes the form of Nightmare Penguin. Meanwhile, Yugi travels through a strange section of the virtual world. He hears Tea and attempts to find her. Crump unleashes his deck of water monsters, and reveals that the only thing he loved as a child were numbers and penguins, because his family were never around for him. He also reveals that as the competitors lose lifepoints, they become incased in ice! Though Tea pulls a few decent moves, Crump summons a powerful penguin to overwhelm her. He then

realizes that she planned no strategy while picking her cards. Assured of victory, he gloats and jeers at Tea.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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