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Episode #70 - Double Duel 1

Bakura and Marik, who decided to team up in the last episode, arrange a deal

for the Millennium Rod and the location of the other Millennium Items. Joey calls the hospital and learns that Serenity can take her bandages off tonight. He throws Tea's cell phone in the air, and she gets mad before he gives an explanation. Tristan goes off to meet Serenity at the hostpital.
Suddenly, Marik shows up with a wounded Bakura. He claims to have found him lying hurt and gives a fake name: Namu. After Grandpa takes Bakura to the hostpital, several Rare Hunters show up and grab Joey and Tea, crushing Tea's cell phone at the same time. Yugi and Kaiba don't find Joey at the aqua park, and Mokuba calls on a communicator saying that his duel disk has disappeared from the grid. On his way to meet them, Mokuba is surrounded by Rare Hunters. Another Hunter with a concealed face challenges Yugi and Kaiba

to a duel on top of a skyscraper, and a copter flies by with Mokuba tied underneath it to suggest the importance. They arrive at the roof, and the Hunter and his companion reveal themselves to be that same two who challenged Yugi and Kaiba before. They reveal themselves as Lumis and Umbra,

and also set the stakes. They are dueling on a glass roof with a Shadow Box set into each section. When a player's lifepoints reach zero, the box will shatter the glass section and the player will fall into a shadow vortex. As the duel begins, Kaiba plays a seperate strategy from Yugi, saying he will do this on his own. Meanwhile, Lumis and Umbra combine their cards to bring their Shining Abyss monster to 2600 attack points.

By Red Eyes Fan #1



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