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Q's Universe


Characters: 40

24x GCPD Officer
4x Longshot
4x Harvey Bullock
4x Commissioner Gordon
4x Batman (7)

Plot Twist: 12

4x Fizzle
4x Cover Fire
4x Airborne Assault

Locations: 8

4x Clock Tower
4x GCPD Headquarters

Ever wondered who all the brave, fearless and abused poor officers in Gotham are? Youíve always seen them in the background and theyíre tire of living under the shadow of the Bat. Theyíre here to make a stand and show how well they can do whatever it is that they do. = p

If youíve made the great mistake of reading any of my previous articles (-_-;) you know Iím not a big fan of Sentinel Swarm because I personally feel the deck archetype is too fragile. This deck might look a lot like a Swarm deck but it has a lot more to offer and is more reliable than your average Swarm deck. I know what youíre thinking, and yes Fizzle is as good as it gets but you canít forget about the Clock Tower which for all intents and purposes is a better Night Vision and with The Dark Knight you have a late game finisher.

The Dark Knight is your champion in the deck. The entire deck revolves around getting a lot GCPD officers in play and keeping as many of them alive as possible. The Longshot/Clock Tower combo should give you all the card advantage youíll ever need and once you drop The Dark Knight youíll pretty much draw whatever is left of your deck by using his ability and exhausting all your officers in play. You should have about 30 something cards in your hand after you play The Dark Knight. Then itís just a matter of finding the weakest link or using Harvey Bullock to ensure your opponent wonít be able to reinforce the guy Batman will be taking out.

I am well aware that your opponent can play Overload, or Burn Rubber but those are just minor set backs. As long as you donít see a Professor X (7) on the other side of the field youíll be fine. In the off the wall case that youíre opponent plays him you can still take him out with out needing Batman. Simply play Airborne Assault and with GCPD Headquarters in play youíll be able to get rid of him for good.

The Cover Fires are there to protect Longshot more than anyone because heís the one crack in the armor. No one can reinforce him and you donít have anything fancy like Burn Rubber to protect him. The deck doesnít really need Burn Rubber or any other plot twist that cost one because with DC in the environment thereís practically no reason why your opponentís shouldnít be packing Not so Fast.

I know I normally write a lot more than this but this deck is as basic as it gets. Donít keep a starting hand unless you have a Clock Tower or a Longshot and every time you use Longshot youíll be naming GCPD officer and another card. If you get Longshot first is normally good to name Clock Tower because as soon as you get those two cards working together you have an amazing card drawing engine. Save the Airborne Assault/ GCPD Headquarters to take out a major thread which could be just about anything that drops after turn four. The GCPD Headquarters are still good even with out the Airborne Assault so donít be afraid to use it. After all is better for your opponent to KO this location than the Clock Tower. ^_<

Wow! Thatís pretty much it and I believe this might be the smallest killer deck Iíve done up to date. Enjoy the deck and Iíll make sure update the deck if I find something nifty. = )

This is Q signing off.



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