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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Lobo - The Main Man



Date Reviewed: 03.13.08

Constructed Rating: 4.00
Limited Average Rating: 4.50
Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale -
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Si "Hitman" Parkes “I’ll take people Wolverine beat in Marvel/DC Crossovers that DC fans never ever stop complaining about, Alex”

Today we review Lobo;

Lobo really isn’t funny. I’m sorry but he isn’t. He’s a parody of the over-powered hyper-violent, steroid-slinging late 80’s/90’s comic book universe. He’s the literal incarnation of every “Liefeld” joke, comment or criticism you’ve ever read that wasn’t either; witty, amusing, droll, sarcastic, insightful, original, or clever. (So that would be all of them then).

Simply put, Lobo is witless and dated as both a character and as a concept. And the fact the he is still used in the DC universe illustrates a chronic lack of innovation, ingenuity and originality on the part of every writer has even includes this tired & loathsome creation in a submitted script.

My personal prejudice against this character not withstanding, Lobo remains a remarkably overpowered card that should never have been released.

You see, Lobo replicates himself once stunned. And he’s a six drop.

A six drop.

That replicates itself.

That’s just stupid.

You have no downsides to playing this card. Defensively Lobo’s effect means that stunning him is a bad strategy for your opponent. (At best they’d have to stun and KO & or bounce the guy to avoid losing the advantage). Offensively it means that having him stunned is a great manoeuvre for you as you just got another character in play (And since Lobo’s effect triggers off him being stunned, if you can avoid KO’ing the original stunned copy, you’ve effectively cloned him).

Plus, any combos that revolve around stunning a character. I mean come on.

As a slight weakness this card isn’t team stamped. As a further weakness (unless there has been an erratum published recently) it can’t replicate from copies you have in your hand. But frankly that counts for nothing.

This card isn’t balanced. Or fair. Nor should it have been released.

And it acts as a fine argument for anyone who believes in segregation between Marvel VS and DC VS.

Constructed: 4.5/5 (Lobo loses .5 for not being team stamped).

jajais4u Lobo - The Main Man

This guy. Great attack, average defense, and an annoying ability. In Lobo's voice: "When I get stunned, I'll be back Supes!" Good thing he's not affiliated or he might be broken.

Sealed: 4.5 (I really see him turning the tide in your favor in sealed)

Constructed: 3.5 (Can't find him, the lazy bum, but works when he comes.)

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