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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

My Name is Peter Parker



Date Reviewed: 06.06.08

Constructed Rating: 4.50
Limited Average Rating: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale -
1 being the worst.
3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge

My Name Is Peter Parker...



First of all, how cool is it that we get to preview a card with ellipses!!!


Secondly, great to see everybody again.  Kids, if you're in college...FINISH THE FIRST TIME!!!  Waiting ten years to go back is not helpful to your extra activities.  Still, it's nice to be back in the saddle for a brand new VS set.


Marvel Universe is the imminent expansion from the good folks at UDE, and as the third Marvel set with the new templating (and new "Legends" theme), they've decided to do another storyline-based set.  Infinite Crisis was the last set that featured a comic storyline as the backbone of the set (rather than picking teams to base the set around), and we all remember how awesome that one was.  MUN is looking to be no different, with a good mix of Legends, Legacy, and a chance to play out the events of last summer's popular Civil War crossover.


A lot of big events happened during that storyline, such as the death of Captain America and the creation of the Initiative.  However, there was one more happening that made national news headlines...Spider-Man revealing his secret identity.

Yes, Peter Parker unmasked in front of the world when he joined Tony Stark's Pro-Registration side.

Granted, those events have been nullified by the Brand New Day storyline, but it was still a major shake-up of the Spider-Man status quo.


All of this brings me to today's card: My Name Is Peter Parker...  Recovery effects are good, but situational.  You have to have the recovery card, and most of them require some sort of cost to use.  A discard, a character on field, but it usually costs you two cards to keep the one around that you recover.

 MNIPP changes up this dynamic by allowing you to use the same copy of the recovery card over and over to keep your guy around. 


The effect is sweet...pick a guy (at any time) and you can pitch a card at the start of the recovery phase to recover him.  Many decks have one indispensable character and being able to keep them around is huge.

Add in the Legend cards, and all of a sudden, keeping a character of a specific name on the board becomes an essential depending on what you've got in hand.

Bodyslide without a Cable is just a dead card, after all.  Even just being able to maintain board presence by bringing back a guaranteed two characters per turn (at least) will leave you ahead of the opponent.


The cost...knowledge is power, and the cost for MNIPP can be a steep one.  Revealing your hand is something we haven't seen in a while (only Search and Destroy comes to mind immediately), and works great thematically.  Your hand is like your secret identity; no one knows what's in it but you, and your opponent not knowing how many pumps, power-ups, or just late game surprises are in your hand can force him to make a sub-optimal move.  Giving them that much information may not be game-breaking, but a wise opponent can base

attacks around what they've seen.    The discard to

recover the character isn't too bad...one card is par for the course for this kind of effect.  It's non-teamstamped, which makes it a great splash in any deck that has a key character or two.  Hell, play it in Squadron No-Hand, and you get to lose a card, and show your opponent nothing but your empty palm.


Ongoing plot twist?  Yep, ongoing means that it has synergy with a lot of teams.  Revenge Squad would be the obvious choice, but The Illuminati from this set have a decent amount of plot twist search and some other ongoing plot twists too.  Even more importantly, their most powerful effects are activated by having different named members of the Illuminati on the field.  Being able to keep one of them coming back every turn may just be what sets you up for some game-breaking effects on the next turn. 


In all, this looks like a very interesting card to play with, and I think it'll show up in a lot of decks with Worlds coming up this summer. 

Si "Hitman" Parkes

And we are back in three…two…one…


“My Name Is Peter Parker…


…And I’m Aquaman and The Hulk”


Bwah Ha Ha


Anyway, we’re reviewing the latest card from the upcoming Marvel Universe set. And it’s very good indeed.


Oh yeah.


As we all know recovering characters is good. And as we all also know, being able to recover characters on an ongoing basis (if I’m reading the card right) is really freaking awesome.


I don’t care that you’ll need this card in your resource row, I don’t care that you’ll need to show your opponent the cards in your hand, I don’t care that you’ll need your selected character to be stunned before the start of the recovery phase and I don’t care that you’ll even need to pitch a card to have it work.


But it recovers a character and it isn’t team stamped.


That’s really good.


And maybe you can keep doing it.


Maybe. I don’t know. You read it.


Either way, any decks that work around “stun a character you control and get a free muffin” will have a field day with this card. Also any decks which regularly need characters to be recovered will find this card very handy and…look, you get to recover at worst a four drop that’s just good alright.


Sure it may need to be a resource (hint: don’t let it get blown up) and you may have to lose a card from you hand to use it, but the benefit from this card is always going to be greater than its cost.


And that makes it good.




My Name is Peter Parker…
…and I’m an alcoholic. Wow. I love preview cards. And were the last one of the bunch, so we get a super duper special card today…
My Name is Peter Parker
Plot Twist/4
To play, choose a character you control and reveal your hand.
Ongoing: At the start of the recovery phase, you may discard a card. If you do, recover the chosen character.
Really, at the moment I don’t really care what it does. Because I’m just baffled by the picture of Tony and Peter revealing themselves to the public.
But that’s not quite a review, is it?
So, just like in Civil War, you make yourself registered, you’ll be taken care of by the government. In this case, you reveal your hand just once, just one time, you get a reusable recovery ability for one of your characters. Actually, it’s like saying you get a recovery ability for every single freaking character in the game. It’s also like making every other recovery card in the game worthless, and teams that didn’t have a recovery ability just gained one. The only cards that this card doesn’t make obsolete are ones that allow you to recover outside the recovery phase, and those are limited to really only the X-Men.
In sealed, you win. You don’t lose any characters, your opponents lose a buttload. You win.
Constructed: 4/5
Sealed: 5/5
Forget about the money card. This here is the Money SET!


Greetings, everyone!  Been a while, but we are back (well, I am back) with a new Vs CotD for you all.  Yeah, yeah... I know... I wasn't very 'here' when I was here before... but I'm back for good (assuming the cards keep comin' our way!)  So, without any more chatter... lets hop into todays card, which is a preview from the new set.  JOY!!!

My Name is Peter Parker...

4 cost Plot Twist

To play, choose a character you control and reveal your hand.

Ongoing: At the start of the recovery phase, you may discard a card.  If you do, recover the chosen character.

"Smile for the cameras, Pete."

Lets start off with a little geek talk before I dive into the actual review.  For those of you that don't follow the comics, thats Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) on Spider-Man's right (it'd be the left side of the pic).  This is the beginning of one of the biggest mistakes Peter Parker has ever made, and the beginning of the end for Captain America.  But more on that later.

So the card itself.  Ongoing plot twist, 4 cost... reveal your hand, chose a character you control... At the start of your ready phase, you may discard a card to recover the chosen character.  Um... lets see... does it require an affiliation?  No... any cost other discarding a card?  Not really... It doesn't even really need Spider-Man to work.  This card is pretty damned rockin'.  Being able to keep recovering a character is pretty solid, and 4 threshold cost isn't that bad at all.  All in all, a great card.  'Nuff said.

Small note: Some other reviewers won't do scores on cards that havn't been played yet because there is no actual way to know how well they work.  I don't believe in this.  I look at a card and base it on what I see, and what I feel.  A cards score from me is how I think it WILL do, or how much I like the card personally.  Not how well it neccessary functions already.  :D

Sealed: 4/5  This one card can mean the difference between winning and losing.  If you use it on one of your later game characters, you can just keep beatting the stuffing out of your opponanat.

Constructed: 5/5  I can't really see very many reasons to NOT play this card.  Discarding can be kind of rough, but most of the time it'll be well worth it.

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