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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Magneto, Black Lord

Card MXM-140

500th Card of the Day Review!


Date Reviewed: 01.25.08

Constructed Rating: 3.50
Limited Average Rating: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale - 1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge
Magneto, Black Lord

Wow...500 reviews, that's a lot of words about a lot of cards. We're digging into the longbox for today's card and looking at one of the iconic villains of the comic book world: Magneto.

Magneto's Hellfire Club version is a really powerful card, and a game-ender if done right. Play Sebastian Shaw on 5, get a counter or two on him, then drop Magneto hidden on 6. Attack with Shaw into their 6 drop, then swap him to the hidden area to make Magneto visible, use Magneto to stun Shaw and stun their 4 drop. Then swing Magneto into their 5 and essentially lock up the game. It's a play that put me out of the money at 10K Austin, and it's one of the strategies that makes Hellfire Club such a dangerous team.
Hopefully they get a refeature in Marvel Universe, they have a lot of fun tricks for solo play, or for team-up decks.

It's been a great 500 reviews, and here's hoping that you all stick around for 500 more. Thanks for reading!



Yeah, they need to bring back Hellfire Club. It was one of the coolest teams I never played with…



Black Lord

Hellfire Club/6/12/12

Flight and Range



Stun a character you control > Stun target character if its cost is less than the cost of the character you stunned. Use this power only once per turn and only if Magneto is your only visible character.


I’m not gonna talk about his Hellfire Club applications. I like him better as my Six drop in the Magneto Legend Deck. Think about it. Magneto 3,4,5,6,7 and 8, all there for my Crisis Build. And I can abuse all his cool cards from Legends and use cards with his picture on them like Finishing Move and Homo Superior. Wouldn’t that be cool?


Constructed: 4/5

Sealed: 2/5


I’m beginning to wonder why no one takes me as a serious reviewer…



Magneto, Black Lord (Hellfire Club)

6 cost, 12 ATK, 12 DEF, Flight, Range, Mutant- Energy

Concealed- Optional

Stun a character you control >> Stun target character if its cost is less than the cost of the character you stunned.  Use this power only once per turn and only if Magneto is your only visible character.

Yay!  Card 500!!! At least, thats what the boss man told us.  So, yay for a milestone!

So, I'll make it short, as I'm running late.  Stats are average, concealed- optional is cool.  I've never been a big fan of diminishing returns... unless your opponant has a REALLY nasty lower cost character, why would you want to stun one of your own characters?  I mean, normally, a 6 cost character is better than a 5 cost.  Oh, well.

Sealed: 2/5 

Constructed 3/5
jajais4u This card is great. Too bad about his team, not really shining as well as they could have. Oh well, back to the point. He can go into the Hellfire deck, of course. His effect is so good because he can attack and then trigger his effect. His effect is a trigger so be wary of that, if you're going to use him. This is the 500th COTD, so let's go out and celebrate with a day full of Vs! I know I will.

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