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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Richard Rider <> Nova

Card #MTU-062


Date Reviewed: 01.31.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: -
Limited Average Rating: -

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

xstreamzero Richard Rider <> Nova
Iím salivating. Itís been awhile since Iíve played with Spider-Man and his buddies, so Marvel Team-Up just needs to come out. Like right now.





Oh well. At least we get a little sneak preview for our perusalÖ

Richard Rider <> Nova
Xandarian Nova Corps
Marvel Defenders/4/7/7
Backup: Activate > Stun target character at the start of the recovery phase this turn. Use this power only during the build phase.

Oh my god. This is an amazing card. Seriously, this is like a GOD card when it comes to off-initiative. Do you know whatís even better? The fact that itís not limited to once per turn. ďOh, Iíll stun all of your characters this turn and then pwn you turn 5.Ē Cosmic Radiation should ring a couple of bells. Even without Cosmic Radiation, you can easily stun their biggest drop off-initiative, even if they try and attack down the curve. This card reminds me a lot of Havok, except Havok could still attack and he had to stun himself. And Havok was a good card. Still, it looks as though this is going to be a very interesting set. I need them. Now!

Marvel Modern: N/A
Silver Age: N/A
Golden Age N/A
Overall: N/A

Itís too early to be giving out ratings. Just take some insights. And absorb the character that is Nova

El N00bie Magnifico Richard Rider <> Nova
Xandarian Nova Corps
Marvel Defender
4 Drop at 7/7
Flight and Range


Backup: Activate -> Stun target character at the start of the Recovery Phase this turn. Use only during the Build Phase.

"There is no justice... there's only vengeance."

Well, first off, gotta love that quote. Second, gotta love that Effect. Depending what else the Marvel Defenders team is going to be packing at the 4-drop slot and their tutoring capabilities, this guy will most likely be at the least a 1-of in any build of the team.

For the mere cost of an activation, I get to stun any character. Got someone staring you down whose defense is overwhelming? Call the Nova Corps to put them in their place. Someone who due to an Effect is not going to stun back while attacking you, regardless of stats? Call the Nova Corps to neutralize them. Are you getting stalled out to later turns where some mammoth beast is going to eat you alive? Call the Nova Corps and start punching holes in the game plan. A concealed character who's making your life miserable and you just can't get to him? Call the Nova Corps to hunt them down.

What I see here is an Effect very similar to Wally West's with a trade-off. The stun won't go through until the Recovery Phase, which gives your opponent a chance to plan around the fact. However, he costs you one resource point less and does not stun himself, allowing you to keep a body on the Field. And Substitute is never a bad thing. There might be times when your have more use for this guy than a higher drop you got sitting on the Field.

Sounds good to me.

If this guy shows up in your packs at the pre-release, play him. If you build a Marvel Defenders deck... well, we'll have to see what else they have to offer before deciding whether this is a primary or back-up drop.

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