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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Card # MTU_136


Date Reviewed: 02.x.07

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 1.0
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 1.75
Limited Average Rating: 4.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Well, we're looking at Marvel Teamup cards this week, and today's is one that didn't win me any games at the marvel Teamup sneak preview...and yes, I'm still bitter about it.

On the surface, he's a decent 7-drop, 15/16 with Flight and Range is pretty beefy, and Concealed-Optional means that you can make an optimal formation choice regardless of initiative. However, his activated ability just sucks for a 7-drop. You really want to attack with your 7-drop, or have them have an effect that's really silly, like KO a guy, or stop your opponent from attacking, anything. Dormammu is a low-rent Karnak, lowering a character's ATK based on the number of Character cards in your KO'd pile.

You can send a low drop into they're 7-drop with enough cards in the KO'd pile, but unless you're already winning by a ton, the lowest guy you should have on the field is a 4-5 cost, unless you underdropped. Even after you've attacked up the curve, you don't have a 7-drop to attack down the curve with, which is the whole point of making a play like that. If his ability wasn't activated, or if the
- X DEF hit all the opponent's characters, then this would be a much more playable card. If you have to play a 7-drop, play another one, I implore you. There are better 7-drops in the set, both on and off team.

Sigh...I hate you, Dormammu.
N00bie Magnifico
Dormammu, Dread Dormammu
7-drop at 15/16
Flight and Range
Concealed - Optional
Activate -> Target attacker or defender gets -1 DEF this attack for each character card in your KO'd pile.
"Now begins the Age of Dormammu!"
This guy just makes me smile. How can you not love that drawing? I'm guessing he's either closely related to Kool-Aid Man or that Raisin Bran 2-scoops sun.
Okay, so he's nice to look at, but can he deliver? Underworld seems to have two major themes: bonuses for keeping stunned characters on the field, or bonuses for having your KO'd pile nice and loaded. Do these two themes combine well? Well, I definitely see some synergy where Netherworld Gift is concerned - if you constantly dump stuff from your Deck into your KO'd pile, you have more options as far as what you're going to be able to pull from the grave. But as for Dormammu, he's all about the single theme of the loaded KO'd pile.
He's not a bad card, actually. If you're off-initiative and your opponent's coming at you, he can practically guarantee a stun back, regardless of the difference in threshold cost or atk/def deficit. And as so many games come down to just 1 or 2 points of endurance, he can provide that insurance. And as Underworld only provides two choices at the 7-drop slot, he's definitely your go-to guy if you cant get your hands on the superior, though thematically opposite, Shuma Gorath.
So go for it and slap this guy in. With his flight and range, he can either punch holes in formation or provide the finishing breakthrough. If you're off initiative, he can ensure your opponent's not just going to walk away without a scratch.
xstreamzero Dormammu

Marvel Team-Up is up, ready and raring to go! To celebrate, the first cards we’re going to review are ones that I used to win the Sneak Preview.

Dread Dormammu
Concealed – Optional
Activate > Target attacker or defender gets –1 DEF this attack for each character in your KO’d pile.

In the draft, I pulled only 2 seven drops. Dormammu and Dormammu. Needless to say, I was thoroughly irritated, with no choice but to play the crappy Dormammus. Yes, plural. I played both of them.

Normally, I would have sat and cried a bit. But something odd happened. Everyone I played against wanted to play evens. Everyone. Which means I always got to attack first with my Dormammu, which was the only good reason I had Dormammu.

I also don’t want an activated effect on my seven drop. Unless it has some godly effect that says “stun target character” or “target player loses 20 endurance”, I don’t want to play it. I want to attack with it. The fact that the effect is garbage also doesn’t help. Especially in a draft where the deck you’re playing is a Marvel Defenders/Spider-Friends team-up deck where you have only 3 characters in your KO’d pile. Because that was the deck I was playing, not Underworld. So how is it my fault I can’t pull a Marvel Defenders or a Spider-Friends seven drop?

So what was the point of today’s review? It was one of the reasons I won. Because I had a Dormammu that would attack a character for a good chunk of damage, usually for the win. But don’t play it in constructed, not even in an Underworld deck (use Shuma, he’s cool). Because outside of a draft, it sucks.

Marvel Modern: 1/5
Silver Age: 1/5
Golden Age: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

No Spider-Man? No Hulk? Dormammu is the card for you!

FruitBasket Dormammu
7 cost
Flight and Range

Activate >>> Target attacker or defender gets -1 DEF this attack for each character card in your KO'd pile.

Finally we get to the reviews for Marvel team-up! 7 cost characters are meaning less and less in constructed where games are usually over by turn 6 or sooner. However in sealed games can easily reach turn 7, and usually it is the deciding turn. Dormammu has the perfect stats for a 7 drop, having an extra point of defense is always great in sealed as it forces your opponent to waste plot twists to just break even with you. His Flight and range are just icing on the cake. Now lets talk about his ability.

Activate >>> Target attacker or defender gets -1 DEF this attack for each character card in your KO'd pile.

It goes without saying that Underworld can fill up a K.O. pile faster than any team out there, except maybe Secret Society. Still though, having this be an activate cost rather than a free cost is what limits this ability from bring broken to being only alright about half the time. Let me explain.

Being an activate cost means usually you are going to want to use this on the defensive. Still, a dedicated Underworld can easily be giving -7 or -8 defense by turn 7 using Dormammu’s ability. The ability is certainly not worth giving up an attack for during your turn, but luckily those above average stats more than make up for it. For constructed Underworld has some better options in golden age and silver age, namely Varnae, First Vampire (whose ability is slightly similar to Dormammu’s). Overall if there is an underworld deck that can make it to turn 7 in constructed, you may have some better options. In sealed though, take him and lay down some worry free turn
7 beats. Also, for reference, if you’re ever writing an article about Dormammu, make sure to copy and paste his name each time and save yourself a headache.

Final Score:
Golden Age/ Silver age: 2.5 out of 5, Underworld just has better options if it wants to stay on curve.
Sealed: 4.6 out of 5, Stats are what make or break cards in sealed. Dormammu gives you a flying beater with good defense.

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