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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Cosmic Tuning Fork

Card DLS-177


Date Reviewed: 02.25.07

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.5
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Cosmic Tuning Fork

This is a great card for the upcoming Modern Age format. With Heralds and Legion both focusing on Cosmic abilities, Cosmic Tuning Fork lets you dig for Cosmic characters every turn. You'll only get two per turn at the maximum, but if you play a Cosmic-heavy deck, then you'll still be getting a good percentage of the guys you want to see, plus loading up your KO'd pile if you have any effects that dig guys out of there (note, Underworld is legal in this format).
There's not much location search in Modern yet, but if you play a Cosmic deck in Silver Age, then you can tutor for a Tuning Fork, then start loading up on the Cosmic characters. This is a 4-of in Cosmic decks without location tutors, a 1 or 2-of in decks that do, and a 0-of in decks with Cosmic characters...obviously.
N00bie Magnifico Cosmic Tuning Fork

Activate -> Reveal the top two cards of your deck. Put all revealed cosmic character cards into your hand and the remaining cards on the bottom of your deck.
Discard a card for each card you put into your hand.

Sacrifices must be made, Superman. People must die.

I sure wish I had reviewed Willworld. Then I could practically just edit Willpower with Cosmic, change a few team names and VOILA - a refurbished review. But, no such luck, so here we go.

I am a huge fan of luck-tutors; those cards that allow you to dig a little deeper into your deck for a needed character without letting you flat-out search for it. JSA Headquarters, Willworld, The Watchtower:
these are my kind of cards. Although there not as effective as a simple search Effect, theyre a lot more fun. Based on that alone, I love Cosmic Tuning Fork.

But a tutor or cycler in and of itself does not make a deck. More important than searching and cycling is what you are searching/cycling for. Thats why Willworld is a powerhouse of a card. The characters it helps you dig for are very solid. Had Cosmic Tuning Fork appeared six months ago, I would not be able to say the same thing for it. But the last few sets have brought us some powerful cosmic teams such as the Heralds and the revamped Titans. With the advent of this card, the chances of hitting that critical drop just got that much better.

Some cosmic decks already have powerful tutors and cyclers. The Heralds have Creation of A Herald. This is a great card, but has a very specific cost. The Titans have First Date, Tamaranian Garden, and can get a lot of mileage out of Titans of Tomorrow. The Legionnaires have a tutor that allows you to grab any cosmic character. Superman, of course, has been short on luck since his debut.

For some decks, this is a must, while in others, it helps give you that little extra push to further ensure a full curve. All in all, if you have the room and/or are willing to make some sacrifices, this card is definitely worth the slot(s). Personally, I wouldnt build any cosmic deck without it.


Cosmic Tuning Fork
2 cost location

Activate-> Reveal the top two cards of your deck. Put all revealed cosmic
character cards into your hand and the remaining cards on the bottom of your
deck. Discard a card for each card you put into your hand.

The cosmic keyword has been with us since the Superman Man of Steel set.
Back then though, cosmic was usually placed on underpowered characters with
lack luster effects. Heralds of Galactus brought cosmic back, and gave it
the proper power it deserves. With the last sets being very cosmic-friendly
the stock on our card today rises significantly.

Much like Willworld was hit or miss when building a deck based off of
willpower, Cosmic tuning fork does not belong in every cosmic based deck. It
is a weaker way to search characters than a Mobilize or Enemy of my enemy
might be, but it has the convenient side effect of being able to fill up
your K.O. pile. While Dr. Light has been put to rest, the K.O. pile is still
considered a recourse, and at times even a second hand. If your cosmic deck
needs locations to search for via Poison Ivy or San<>The alienated one, or
if you need locations to fuel effects such as Terrax<>The Tamer, I’d urge
you to try a playset in your cosmic based deck.

One of the dark horse decks to make a splash on the tournament scene is THE
skrull deck. Using Franklin Richards<> Creator of counter earth to move
cosmic Skrull characters to the hidden area and preserve their precious
counters. Captain America, Wolverine and Paibok to name a few are hidden to
make your attacks very safe and very damaging. The Cosmic tuning fork could
easily find its way into the strong cosmic decks that stand at the forefront
of the tournament scene today. Try it in Skrull / Inhumans and Galactus/
Inhumans builds. Heck, maybe even Superman blue and Soldiers of New Genesis
decks can become stronger.

Golden age- 3.5 out of 5
Strong card, but is somewhat hindered by the extensive card pool

Silver age- 4.0 out of 5
Less of a card pool offers ideas that might not work in a format with
Kaboom’s and Have a blasts to thrive

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