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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Spider Hunt

Card #MTU-128


Date Reviewed: 02.06.07

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: -
Limited Average Rating: -

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

The Marvel Team-Up preview weekend is only a few days away, and we've got another rare from the set to show you all today. Spider Hunt does a good job of tying together two of the Sinister Syndicate's themes from this set: KOing your own resources, and paying ATK.

Merely KO one of your own resources (and if Spider Hunt is in your resource row, you can KO it for it's own effect), and every Sinister Syndicate character you control gains +2 ATK for the entire turn. You can use that to make some massive attacks, use it on your opponent's initiative to make his "safe attacks" not so safe anymore, or you can use those extra points of ATK to pay for some of the nasty effects that the Syndicate has to offer. For instance, you can pay ATK with the new Doc Octopus, and stun characters out of combat.

More ATK for the Doctor means more stuns. At worst, this card becomes a one turn The New Brotherhood for the Sinister Syndicate, and since Syndicate has fared well in the past as an off-curve team, that means some big beatings on turns you use this. Team them with JLI or Emerald Enemies, or even Brotherhood, and take advantage of the synergy of the low-resource strategy.

The one major drawback to using this card, is that you can't have played any plot twists in the turn before you play Spider Hunt. You can play plot twists after this resolves, but this restriction will stop you from using multiple copies of it in the same turn. This is definitely a game-ender on your initiatives, and a good card to play in this weekend's Sneak Preview tournament if you find yourself with a lot of Sinister Syndicate cards in your Sealed pool.
xstreamzero Spider Hunt
I can't wait. I really can't, the suspense is killing me.

Spider Hunt
Plot Twist/3
If you have played no other plot twists this turn, KO a resource you control, and Sinister Syndicate characters you control get +2 ATK this turn.

That's it. That's the card. You pull this in a draft, you know exactly what you need to do. You pull this at the preview and you don't play Sinister Syndicate, call me over so I can give you a good, swift kick in the head.
The turn you play this card is the turn you win.

In constructed, it's the same deal. You don't need to worry about underdropping next turn if you win this turn. A free +2 ATK to all your characters is too good. Way too good.

Marvel Modern: N/A
Silver Age: N/A
Golden Age N/A
Overall: N/A

Fine, don't play them. Send them this way!
El N00bie Magnifico Spider Hunt
Plot Twist

If you have played no other Plot Twists this turn, KO a resource you control and Sinister Syndicate characters you control get +2 ATK this turn.

The first thing to note is that you only need to have played no other PTs before you play this card. There is no restriction stating you can not play one afterwards. I should hope so - if I play this, I definitely want to be able to play Blind Sided or Lost In Translation.

The ATK bonus this card grants is considerable, seeing as how up until you get to the 6th turn, the average hop in stats between drops is 2 ATK. As such, for the early to mid game, this card will, unusual stats notwithstanding, allow for everyone to get an up-curve stun. But then, it would take as little as a power-up to brick-wall it.

As good as a universal +2 ATK for your side of the Field may be, I don't consider it to be worth the loss of a resource unless you're running some kind of army deck. In that scenario, I could see this card being a powerhouse. But as far as I know, there are no Sinister Syndicate army characters, in which case you would need to be teamed-up. Sounds like too much trouble considering that for a lesser cost (none) you can just run Relentless Pursuit with the added bonus of hunting down concealed characters.

So this card leads toward two possibilities. Either we're getting a Sinister Syndicate army character - perhaps a Spider Slayer or a Mysterio illusion - or the team's getting a new theme altogether where they gain bonuses for either having a specific number of resources or any number so long as its less than the opponent's.

Whether this card is really good or really bad is entirely dependent on what Sinister Syndicate will have to offer. A card like this is impossible to judge within a vacuum, so I'll refrain from doing so.

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