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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

- Black King

Card #MTU-133


Date Reviewed: 02.01.07

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: -
Limited Average Rating: -

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Today's preview card doubles as legacy content and a look at the revamped Underworld team. Blackheart serves as a link between the KO'd pile shenanigans of the Underworld and the hidden Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, making for one nasty threat of a card.

8/5 ranged is a little low for a 4 drop, although since he's Concealed, you'll almost always get some off-initiative action with him. With his effect though, you won't want to attack with him that often.

For an activation and the return of 3 cards in your KO'd pile to the bottom of your deck, you can KO any 3 drop. Not just a stunned 3 drop, but any 3 on the board. That sound you just heard was Ahmed Samsarra hiding under a stack of Barnacles. The only drawback is having to wait until the combat phase, so any 3's with activated effects will have a chance to get those off before you can send them to the KO'd pile.

Even after you've wiped the 3 cost characters off of your opponent's board, he's still an almost guaranteed 8 points of ATK swinging from the shadows every turn, so his usefulness doesn't go away once your opponent starts recruiting higher up the curve. Loyalty-reveal shouldn't be a problem with two team affiliations, and he should be a good play in Sealed builds at your local pre-release. If your opponent whiffs a drop and has to underdrop, Blackheart will be right there to wipe it off the board. Underworld looks like it's got some nice tricks in this set, and Blackheart could be a great choice in the upcoming Silver Age meta.
xstreamzero Blackheart
Another preview. Such joy!

Black King
Underworld/Hellfire Club/4/8/5
Loyalty - Reveal, Concealed, Range
Activate, put three character cards from your KO'd pile on the bottom of your deck > KO target character with cost 3 or less. Use only during the combat phase.

You thought yesterday's card was silly? Meet Blackheart, the Black King.
Killer of White Kings (you think about that.). The only cards I know of that
give free KOs are Adam Strange, Otherworldly Battle, Deadshot, Green Goblin,
and Deathstroke. I can tell you right now, they're probably all going to go in my next new deck, along with Blackheart in my super-fun-time-KO-characters deck!

If you're playing Underworld or Hellfire, putting three characters on the bottom of your deck is not a problem at all. You're almost guaranteed to KO a 3 drop. For friggin free. The only downside is that he's concealed, meaning that they can't attack it and ensure you of stunning another character. Rats.

Marvel Modern: N/A
Silver Age: N/A
Golden Age N/A
Overall: N/A

It's good. A little too good.
El N00bie Magnifico Blackheart - Black King
Underworld * Hellfire Club
4 drop at 8/5
Loyalty-Reveal, Concealed
Activate, put three character cards from your KO'd pile on the bottom of you deck -> KO target character with cost 3 or less. Use only during the Combat Phase.

"Blackheart put the 'hell' in the Hellfire Club'."

It looks like he"ll also be putting the hurt on your opponents.

Underworld seems to be staying true to its roots as a KO pile maniplation team. Good thing too; they wouldn't feel much like their namesake without that. And much like Secret Society and the revamped Teen Titans, they now have an Ahmed-killer in their ranks. But even if you're target is not the White King, KO'ing any character is always a good thing. If having a "guaranteed" stun effect buys a character at the very least a single tech place in a mono deck, imagine how much more welcome is one with a KO effect. Just ask Green Arrow, Merlyn and Speedy. Hmn, if we could just get a bow and arrow into Blackheart's hands, he'd be unstoppable...

For almost any other team, with the obvious exception of Secret Society, Blackheart's effect cost might take a little work to pull off, but with their continued theme, having three characters in the KO pile to strike down a 3-drop will usually be no problem. The downside, as there must be one to balance such a brutal Effect, is that he will easily be stunned by just about any 3-drop, but the fact that you'd be KOing that 3-drop nullifies that price. Am I willing to take an extra 2 points of breakthrough per successful attack to ensure a KO of any character with cost 3 or less? You bet'cha.

Pulling his Effect off at the pre-release might not be an easy thing. The pool in 5 packs and the space in a 30 card deck might be too tight for you to expect to pull and pack enough effects to get the required number of characters into the KO pile. And because space is so tight, you're not going to want to go out of your way to get said characters into the KO pile when they will likely be a lot more helpful in your hand where from you can recruit them. However, I do like the idea of carrying him as a viable underdrop for if and when you do have enough characters in the KO pile to pay the cost.

As far as the Hellfire Club is concerned, I'd definitely give him at least one slot to shoot down troublesome weenies. Should I want to make my deck a more welcoming environment for him to get any more slots than that, I would have build the deck to carry enough copies of Eminent Domain, Join The Club and Raising Hell to ensure I can discard enough to fuel him; or perhaps a build involving Bevatron if you can work enough Energy Mutants in.

In a constructed Underworld deck though, he's a shoe-in.

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