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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Dallas Riordan, Mayoral Aide

Card #MAV-089


Date Reviewed: 09.17.07

Constructed Rating: 4.00
Limited Average Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Dallas Riordan, Mayoral Aide (Thunderbolts)

1 cost, 1 ATK, 1 DEF

Concealed- Optional

Activate >> If you control four or more resources and Dallas Riordan is visible, draw a card.  Otherwise, look at the top card of your deck and you may put that card on the bottom of your deck.

Well, I'd like to start by saying that the website where we usually get to see the cards was beeing a pain about Ms. Riordan here, so I actually had to dig her outta my collection (Thankfully, she is common and I have about 8 of her).

Well, I think that I've never actually read this card before, othewise she'd be in my Thunderbolts deck.  Wait a sec... I don't have a Thunderbolts deck.  Hmm.  Dallas Riorden, Mayoral Aide is a pretty good card manipulation card.  You can let her possibly get smacked around alot, and give yourself a chance to draw cards, or keep her hidden, take a few shots, and let her help you dig through your deck to get where you want.  Unfortunatly, she isn't anything spectacular in the way of stats.  Her ATK and DEF are amazingly average, and she has no Range or Flight.  But her ability makes up for this.

Sealed: 5/5  She is cheap and concealed, and can help you dig for what you need.  In sealed, this kind of deck control can go a long way to helping you win.

Constructed:4/5  Even if you aren't running a Thunderbolts deck, this lady can work almost like a mini- Longshot.  A little bit of draw or search can help.

By the way, if anyone disagrees with me and could tell my WHY cards are better or worse than I write, you can email me all week at:

jajais4u Dallas Riordan. One of my favorite one drops. She fits right in the Faces of Evil deck, netting you that extra card to help support the weenies. She could go into any swarm deck, actually. The only problems I have with her (which makes her fair) is that she's an activate and you need four or more resources. Other than that, she's a great one drop for the weenies.

Sealed: I'll say 2.5, because I still think that in sealed the best way to go is curve instead of swarm.

Constructed: 4.0. She keeps cards in hand for FOE decks, which is always a great thing.

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