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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Wake the Devil

Card #EHB-055


Date Reviewed: 09.14.07

Constructed Rating: 3.40
Limited Average Rating: DNA

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge
Wake the Devil

Not quite a search card, but better than just about every other "filter" card. Look at the top 3 cards, pitch any that you don't want to the bottom of your deck, keep the ones you want on the top (in any order), and then if you're playing Thule, draw a card.

You can either dig three deep for an answer or a drop, and then either put it on top and immediately draw it, or put them all on the bottom and take your chances with drawing the next card. Good to play before your draw step, or if you have other card drawing cards ready to go. The cost is great at 1.
That's about it, good solid card for Thule.

xstreamzero Wake The Devil

This is another one of the good Hellboy cards…

Wake The Devil
Plot Twist/1
Look at the top three cards of your deck. Put any number of those cards on the bottom of your deck and the rest on the top of your deck in any order. If you control a Thule Society character, draw a card.

This is a very nice accelerator. Look at three, keep one. Of, if you don’t like any of those three, you can always opt for a mystery card. The point is that it’s a good, temporary way to stack your deck. That kind of cheating is not legal very often, so you should use this card to your advantage when you play Thule Society.

Constructed: 4/5

And I’m out.

Bill Ivie Wake the Devil

Sealed: 3/5
Constructed: 4/5

Final day of Hellboy and here comes Wake the Devil. I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed this week. This card isn't horrible, it always pays off to know what's coming up in your deck and try to control it to your advantage. In a Sealed deck, this can help, but it is not as powerful as it will be hard to pull on a regular basis. For that reason, it comes in average with a three. Now, Constructed adds a nice twist. Like I said, it is always helpful to control your deck a bit. Get four of these in your deck, turn enough of them up, and control your deck for the next few rounds. I would only rate this average even in a constructed deck, but for the fact that it has absolutely no draw back to be put in any deck you could imagine.

So, Hellboy ends the week with a few fours, but mainly threes and below.
I must admit, I'm not very impressed, but we will see how next week goes. See everyone next week.
jajais4u Wake the Devil

Cards like this actually make me hate other cards that I shouldn't i.e. this in comparison to The Illuminati. Same effect, Illuminati cost 0 so it can actually fix your draw after a mulligan, which is great, but Wake The Devil draws you a card, if you're playing a Thule Society character. I get to look at the top three, arrange my draw and a half, then draw a card? Thanks a lot. Then again, you have to control a Thule Society character (which means you have to build with good ratios, which we all know to do) so it's not absolutely positively free, but it's great.

Constructed - 3.5 (Please give me three good reasons if you don't agree why adjusting your draw is bad)

Sealed - No sealed in Hellboy. However, I think it probably would be 4.0

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