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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  The Order

Card #MTU-081


Date Reviewed: 05.09.07

Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

The Order

3 Cost Plot Twist

Basicly: You can only play it if all of your characters are Marvel Defenders. Then, you discard a card, and you can ready any number of backup characters you control, and they can't attack this turn.

I'm not sure about this card. I keep going back and forth on it, reading it, and checking cards with Backup, seeing things that I do and don't like.

The ability to ready any number of Backup characters may be useful somewhere, but I'm not seeing it. You can only use Backup powers during your build phase, so The Order doesn't get played during combat or anything. You can't attack with the characters readied this way. The best you can hope for is to us The Order during your build step and get a double benefit out of your Backup powers. I can see where making the Gargoyle a -7/14 could be a great way to keep you alive... but it just doesn't seem that reasonable to me. Especially if you have to discard a card to go along with it. Is there a Backup character that lets you draw a card? I hope so.

If there is something I'm not seeing here, please... email me at darrishellbinde@yahoo.com Like I've said, I'm a casual player, not tourney. I'm open to hearing the opinions of other players.

Overall: 2/5 (The best I can see is for 'exhaust' costs on plot twists, so not totally useless)
Simon Parkes The Order (Plot Twist: 3):

“Play only if all characters you control have the Marvel Defenders affiliation.

Discard a card. If you do, ready any number of target backup characters you control. Those characters can't attack this turn”.

Anybody seen much of the new MTU set? Well it’s got The Defenders in it. And they rock.

The Defenders is a new team in the set that lives and dies by taking one guy and making him/her absolutely freaking huge. With that in mind, The Order is the key to a Defenders deck.

Put simply The Defenders need backup. And backup needs The Order and the Justice League needs you Superman.

Backup effect required activation in the build phase and tend to be altruistic in that they usually benefit a character other than the one you have exhausted.

Using a line of backup characters like Red Guardian on turn 2 (gives +4 attack), Hellcat on 3 (gives +2/2), Sam Parrington on 4 (gives the ability to swing twice) e.t.c., you have a majorly pumped attacker on 5. Be it Moon Knight or Hulk, or Dr Strange or whoever. Then you play The Order. Then it gets silly.

Defenders builds vary. Some may favour defence, with plot twists like Defenders Defend (+3 def) and cards like Gargoyle providing a walll, others (Hulk Smash) go to increasing Hulk on 5 (gains 1/1 counter when exhausted), or maybe even using the gosh darn awesome Moon Knight, depending on how you want to play. That said all builds have The Order in common, which is utilised to re-use the crucial backup effects.

Since backup effects activate in the build phase you can end up with plenty of exhausted characters that can't attack. This can lead to many vulnerable, un-reinforcable characters. By using The Order you can ready them so you can reinforce against enemy attacks or alternately use cards like Sanctum Sanctorum, or Crimson Bands which requires you to exhaust characters for great effects. Or you could just backup everything again to make Hulk really, really, strong. Well I mean you can, if like me, you have everything in order.

Get it, in order, like The Order, but, get it...ah man I kill me.

5/5: For a Defenders deck.


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