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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Rose Psychic - Ghost Detective

Card #DCR-063


Date Reviewed: 05.17.07

Constructed Rating: 2.50
Limited Average Rating: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Rose Psychic (Shadowpact)

3 cost, 5/3 Concealed- Optional

At the start of the combat phase, lose 3 endurance. At the start of the Recovery phase, gain 6 endurance.

Boost 3: When Rose Psychic comes into play, if you don't control Dr. Occult, search your deck for a card named Dr. Occult, put it into your front row, and shuffle your deck.

Well... If nothin' else, she's kinda cute... I mean... um... on to the review!!

Alrighty, 5/3 for 3 is about about average, no range no flight kinda hurts, but since she can be hidden, she doesn't have to worry about combat.

I'm not sure of her first ability...gaining 6 Endurance can be cool, you have to lose 3 when its most important. Granted, you don't lose the game until the end of the turn when you are at 0 or less endurance... She could be fun in sealed. I'll give her that much.

As far as her Boost ability? I don't know who or what Dr. Occult is, but putting a character into play from your deck is usually a pretty cool thing.

Sealed: 4/5 moderate stats, concealed- optional, and her life gain ability could make for a fun time in this format.

Constructed: 3/5 here, she is an average card. There are better on the whole, but she isn't bad. Life Gain has never been tourny- viable in ANY game. :)
Si "Hitman" Parkes Rose Psychic <> Ghost Detective
Cost 3

I donít know enough about Shadowpact to mock them. Seriously they are that unknown. I have no back story to ridicule. I know. I can tell youíre disappointed. So itís straight to the review thenÖ

The first effect of this card ties in with the Shadowpact endurance loss/gain theme. You lose 3 endurance at the start of the combat phase, but gain 6 endurance at the start of the recovery phase. So if you can keep her from getting stunned thatís +3 endurance per turn. Which is okay. Except for the word if. However Shadowpact does like having low endurance, so it might be okay after all.

As most of you know Shadowpact has a theme of gaining effects/bonuses for having low endurance. I donít like that strategy at all. Even if they have ways to regain it, you really donít want to put yourself in the situation where a strong offensive by your opponent will wipe you out in one turn. Thatís all I have to say on that.

The second effect of this card is a boost. Hey remember them. The effects nobody ever plays. Well anyway the boost cost is 3 and for that you get to put Dr Occult in your front row. Assuming he isnít already there. Dr Occult is a 7/7 4 drop who becomes 9/9 if your endurance is 25 or less, or 10/10 if your endurance is 10 or less. He doesnít have flight or range, because nobody uses them anyway (Hint: Might not be true). He also has a boost of 2 which allows you to put Rose Psychic in your front row. Can we say co-dependant? Can we children? Good then.

Aside from her two effects you do have Concealed-Optional which is good, but no flight or range, which is bad. And you have a low defence. So all in all a card youíd be playing for effect purposes. Neither of which I like.

Potentially you could have two characters out on turn 6. One of which may be pretty strong. But neither have flight. Neither have range. And after they hit the field neither have great effects. Thatís not game winning strategy. Plus of course if you are going to go for the boost effect, you are forced to run two characters into your deck who are no good if are forced to play them on the curve.

I donít like to review cards simply by comparing them to others. But in this case I will take my leave whilst pointing out that there are much better choices for a Shadowpact deck (June Moon <>Enchantress on 6 for example, or George W Bush <>Shoeless Gumshoe on 3).

See I made a joke about George Bush looking like a monkey. And you thought this was going to be a dull review.

Sealed: 1
Constructed: 2



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