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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Punisher - Frank Castle

Card #MTU-016


Date Reviewed: 05.17.07

Constructed Rating: 3.00
Limited Average Rating: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Punisher- Frank Castle (Spider- Friends)

3 cost, 4 ATK, 3 Def

Range, Reservist

Pay 1 ATK this turn >>> Target character gets -1 Def this turn. Use only during the combat phase and only if Punisher has not been in combat this turn.

Hmm. Strangely, I think Punisher isn't done justice in his cards. Pun fully intented, however lousey it was. This guy usually comes armed to the teeth, and the super powered heroes and villains tend to be afraid of him.

With that said, here is my take on this guy.

4/3 for 3 is mediocre in stats. Back in the day of Spider Man and Origins, 4/3 was the norm, but it seems to be a failing trend.

He does have Reservist, which I've mentioned before is one of my favorite abilities. But since he is a low cost character, its not quite THAT good.

His power is slightly above average, but those smart folk at UDE were smart and balanced it when they made him. The ability to drop his attack to lower another characters defense could have been downright broken if UDE didn't add the 'Only if frank has not been in combat this turn' part of the text.

Note this is not a bad ability at all. Since you can use it any time during combat (as long as Punisher hasn't attacked), you can attack, and make any character 1 to 4 points weaker in defense.

Overall, Franky boy is a mediocre character in my book. Not bad, but far from amazing.

Sealed: 3/5 Like many cards, in a Sealed format, Punisher has a chance to shine. Making characters easier to KO can easily win you a limited game.

Constructed 3/5 Like I said, Punisher isn't BAD. He can have his uses. But there are better 3 drops (See Time Trapper from earlier this week).
Si "Hitman" Parkes


Punisher <> Frank Castle
Cost 3
Reservist, Range

ďNice buns Frank, you ever think of trying out for the Backstreet Boys?Ē
-Deadpool (who else?) irritating The Punisher.

If you really need me to give you an intro on The Punisher then I donít know why youíre playing this game. Frank ďArmando RivieraĒ Castle was recruited by the Skull Lantern Corps after his family died at the hands of the Earth 5.3 versions of Bullseye, Deathstroke and Taskmaster during the Crisis on Infinite Mercs. Powered by the cut-off muscle-shirt of the SL corps he can create any form of designer stubble, or cool looking 1980ís era firearms. This ability is vastly dependant upon his willpower level at the time, and whether or not hair metal is playing in the background. He is vulnerable to the colour yellow and happy little bees. Most of that into was made of lies.

The reason I just wasted your time with an intro made of lies is because nobody is going to play this card. His effect is not good. You donít get to attack with Punisher before you use it, you wonít want to after, and even then you still only get to use it if your opponent is gracious enough not to attack him either. So if you are playing say, a knight or a noble baron then you might be able to pull it off. Unfortunately knights and noble barons tend to favour Magic over VS as their CCG of choice. I donít know why. Something about dragons I think.

To sum up there are three main problems with this cardís effect; first you only get to use Punisherís effect when he isnít attacking or defending, second you can only use it when he hasnít attacked or defended yet, and third you arenít going to want to attack with him after you use it. The fourth super secret problem is that without a good effect you are wasting your 3 drop on a character with moderate stats. And obviously thatís a great strategy. Hint: that was another lie. So to be honest playing most any offensive plot twist is a much better idea that using Punisher as your 3 drop. Hint: Not a lie.

I suppose you could try to use Punisherís effect to set up a counter-stun, but there are easier ways of doing that. Your best scenario is probably using this effect when you have the initiate to contribute towards a stun/breakthrough by another character.

Or just play one of the many, many plot twists that increase your attack. Or play one of the less many plot twists that decrease your opponents defence. WhateverÖ

Sealed: 2
Constructed: 2



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