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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Undead Legions

Card #MTU-174


Date Reviewed: 05.11.07

Constructed Rating: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Jokerkiller Undead Legions
4 cost rare plot twist

Undead team stamped discard cards equal to the number of characters you want to READY and recover. This card is so good for Underworld. You could just take the cards previewed add a curve and wreck fools! Underworld has no problem keeping characters even if there stunned on the board. So this card is as close to Living Death as VS has to offer. The three things that make VS decks good are Huge characters, KO effects for board control, and search. Underworld can do or keep your opponent from doing them. Underworld is the strongest team in Marvel team up I’ve said it before. Just think of Silver age Secret Society/Underworld that’s crazy good!

Rating this card is easy 5/5 if you play Underworld. If you don’t believe me just play against it once and you’ll see!
Simon Parkes Undead Legions (Plot Twist: 4)

“Play only during the build phase and only if all characters you control have the Underworld affiliation.

Discard any number of cards. Recover and ready that number of stunned characters you control”.

Fun fact: The flavour text on this card was supposed to read “Cause this is…thriller…thriller night”. Okay I made that up but still.

This card scares me. Zombies are bad. Even when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost try to save you from them in a hilarious manner, zombies are still bad.

The Underworld however likes them. It also has a weird little liking for controlling stunned characters. Chton or Demogoblin can recover them, for example, Mordred stops them being KO’d. Morlun gains you endurance from them. Netherworld Gift puts them in play. And so on.

It also loves having cards in the KO’d pile. It loves it to death. Underworld decks benefit from cards going to the KO’d pile and benefits from them being there. I’d list cards but we’d be here all day. Pick a random Underworld card. If it doesn’t have an effect to do with the KO’d pile I owe you a Coke*.

Undead Legions allows you to take advantage of both the stunned characters and the far superior KO’d pile mechanics. You bring back your stunned characters and your KO’d pile grows. So that makes it very good indeed. Just remember it can only be used in the build phase.

Whilst I personally find that the effects you get from controlling stunned characters aren’t all that great, the ability to bring them all back in one scary rush is awesome. And why is it awesome?

“Cause this is Thriller, Thriller night…”


4/5: For an Underworld deck.


*I will not honour this bet.
Undead Legions

4 cost Plot Twist

Basicly: Play only during the build phase if you control only Underworld chracters, then discard any number of cards to recover and ready that many characters you control

I'm not too impressed with this card. Its to reliant on other cards to be useful. Realisticly, you shouldn't have any characters stunned during your build step. Also, discarding a card for an effect isn't my favorite. Discarding MULTIPLE cards to increase a mediocre effect is, at least in my book, less than desirable. If this card didn't say 'During your build phase', I would say run 4 of it. But that one little part of the rules text, in my book, makes this card next to unplayable, unless you can get some kind of a combo set up. There are a few cards in Marvel Team-Ups that allow your stunned Underworld characters to NOT be KO'd. The most useful one I've seen is Mordred, the Mystic. He's a 4 cost 8/6 that reads 'Stunned Characters you control can't be KO'd.". While he may work well with Undead Legions, I can say that he'd be my primary target if I saw him hit the table.

There are a few other cards, so plot twists that allow you to spend Endurance or discard cards to make 'Target stunned Character can't be KO'd this turn', but paying life or discarding still more cards is counter productive. Although, Underworld does have some straight up card advantage, and if the characters can be kept alive, you won't have to pay the drawbacks (Draw 1 when she is played, discard 2 when she is KO'd... ouch)

I'm not fond of this card. Its one of the few that I've seen that I really just don't like.

Overall: 1/5 (could work if combo'd with other cards, but I wouldn't try it personally.

Questions or comments: DarrisHellBinde@yahoo.com

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