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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Dr. Strange
Sorcerer Supreme

Card #MTU-049


Date Reviewed: 03.06.07

Constructed Rating: 2.25
Limited Average Rating: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange is an underpowered 8 drop with an amazing ability. Many Marvel Defenders have activated abilities, most of them Backup abilities which can only be activated in the build phase. Tap down your board to generate effects, then drop Dr. Strange and ready everybody, either to attack or to re-use those powers. Giving him Substitute is a little odd, as it's not likely you'll play him on turn 9, and the Marvel Defenders don't have another 8 drop. I guess if you had two copies in hand, you could activate abilities, play Dr. Strange, play all those abilities again, then Substitute in another Dr. Strange. That might be pushing it though. Although, the idea of triple Deadpool activations on 8 is intriguing. 17/17 is not exactly beefy for an 8, but Flight and Range help make up for it. Marvel Defenders should want to win with Hulk on 7, but if you can stall to 8, then Dr. Strange is certainly going to finish the game for you. If Golden Age wasn't already over, he'd make for a great "win more" card for Fat Bat decks.

Rating: 3.5/5
FruitBasket Dr. Strange Sorcerer supreme
8 cost Marvel Defenders
17 / 17 Flight, Range

When Dr. Strange enters play, ready all marvel Defenders characters you control.

We start off the week looking at by far one of the coolest characters in the marvel universe, Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange is the 800 pound gorilla of magic in the marvel universe. Following suit with awesome characters who have 1 drop butlers and assistants who fetch things, the Marvel Defenders were even graced with the presence of Wong. But you came to see if the card is good or not, didn’t you?

8 cost characters in general are hurt by the fact that an average game of constructed will be over usually by turn 6 at the latest, barring a stall deck of some nature. In sealed usually the kill turn is turn 7, though in different formats it can be less. Dr. Strange’s effect is great in that is synergetic with the general backup theme of the marvel defenders. You can put all your character pumping backup effects on Dr. Strange all over again.
However, unless the marvel defenders are built as a stall team Dr. Strange really won’t get a time to shine. To my knowledge they only really have one plot twist that exhausts an opposing character that would help them to stall as a mono team. On turn 8 generally characters need to win you the game to be worthy of playing. If you’re just playing around the kitchen table for fun and want an 8 drop Marvel defenders 8 drop, you’re choices are pretty limited anyways.

Constructed 1/5 Sorry Dr. Strange, as cool as you are you will probably never see the light of tournament play

Limited 1.5 / 5 Maybe, just maybe the game will be pushed to 8 and Strange can work his magic

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