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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Ring of Fire

Card #MTU_037


Date Reviewed: 03.02.07

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 5.0
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 5.0
Limited Average Rating: 5.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire starts out with an interesting form of threshold cost; you have to control a Team-Up in order to play it. Then you have to Exhaust a Spider-Friends character you control, but once you do, a target character gets -3 ATK for the turn. This is pretty good, especially since the modifier lasts the entire turn. Having a Team-Up can be a little restrictive, as Spider-Friends often times likes to play alone, but there are so many good teams to mix them up with, that it should be no problem to pull off. Ring of Fire would work nice with the "bully" theme of the Future Foes; wherein you'd stun a character, use the -3 ATK modifier to avoid getting stunned back, then auto-recover the defender (who'd still be at a -3 ATK), then plow into him with another character, etc.
You could also use it on your opponent's initiative, brickwalling on attack, then sending another character into the weakened would-be attacker in your combat phase. In all, it's an interesting plot twist, and one that a crafty deckbuilder could put to good use.
N00bie Magnifico Ring of Fire
Plot Twist

Play only if you control a Team-up.

To play, exhaust a Spider-Friends character you control.

Target character gets -3 ATK this turn.

"Pour it on, Torchy - he can take it!"

As the set's name suggests, this set highly encourages, and rewards, teamining up. One of those rewards is Team-up specific Plot Twists. One of those is this little gem.

If I exhaust one of my characters, more than likely a defender, my opponent's attacker gets sapped of 3 ATK. Sign me up. Aside from clearing a character clean off the board, brickwalling an attack, which this card facilitates, is arguably the most powerful action you can take in this game as you've, for all intents and purposes, robbed your opponent of their initiative. That's big. Real big.

If you're running Spider-Friends in a Team-up with anyone, I highly encourage running the max 4 copies of this. Just do it. You'll thank me later.
xstreamzero Ring of Fire

If I had to pick the number one reason why I won the Sneak Preview, it’d probably be this card.

Ring of Fire
Plot Twist/2
Play only if you control a Team-Up.
To play, exhaust a Spider-Friends character you control.
Target character gets –3 ATK this turn.

In a draft, there are two important kinds of cards. Attack pumps and Defense pumps. But nobody really gives a crap about defense. They’re all too aggressive. Those people are stupid.

Attack pumps are always plentiful. Their objective is to cause a stun and if possible, some extra breakthrough. Extra pumps mean more damage.

Defense pumps are always rare. Their objective is to prevent stun or if that’s not possible, less breakthrough.

But there’s one obvious difference between the two. Attack pumps can only stun one character with one character. The trade off is usually 1:1. With defensive pumps, there’s the possibility of stunning 1 or more characters, with no drawback to you. You can stun one character when they attack and if your character was properly defended, you can attack with it and stun another character. The trade off here is usually 2:1, 0:0, 1:0 or even is some circumstances 2:0.

So what does this mean? Put it simply, if you stun your opponents’ characters without getting your own characters stunned and without even having to attack them is usually a good way to win.

Ring of Fire, Defenders Defend, and 2 Spider-Signals were four cards I had with me in my draft deck that pretty much allowed me to win. Playing multiples on either of them on one turn usually meant that I won next turn. If it weren’t for those four cards, I most certainly would have lost my last round. My opponent had no idea how much defense I was packing.

If you ever team-up with Spider-Friends, I’d pack 4 of these along with 4 Spider-Signals. And if possible, toss in 4 Against All Odds.

Marvel Modern: 5/5
Silver Age: 5/5
Golden Age: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Oh, and if anyone has any Against All Odds, you should send them to me. I need them…


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