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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Witchfire - Rebecca Carstairs

Card #DCR-066


Date Reviewed: 06.14.07

Constructed Rating: 3.00
Limited Average Rating: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Si "Hitman" Parkes Witchfire <> Rebecca Carstairs
Cost 4
Flight, Range
Willpower 3

Hi kids, I hope you’re enjoying “impossible intros” week as much as we are at pojo, i.e. not at all. As the smart ones amongst you might have guessed, none of the cards we are looking at this week have anything that could help towards a decent introduction. Not in the slightest.

And on to the show;

Shawdowpact does not have an abundance of bitching 4 drop characters. Sure, there is June Moon. But we aren’t talking about her.

We are talking about Witchfire. She’s a 4 drop with flight, range, not great stats and willpower. She’s not going to be a pitch hitter and she’s no Green Lantern. So she’s going to have to be played for her effect, which is that Witchfire gains you endurance equal to the cost of a character she stuns. So long as you have 25 or less endurance.

You’re probably only going to be taking on 3 drops to avoid Witchfire getting stunned in return and hence the gain is going to be minimal. With a poor defence she is going to be counter-stunned taking on 4 drop characters so her effect will essentially just cancel out the stun endurance loss you will take. I don’t like any of that.


Don’t like it.

I can’t think of anything else to say right now.

Sealed: 2
Constructed: 3


“You must learn the ways of the force if you are to come with me to Alderaan”

The first person to e-mail me wins a pony….sihitmanparkes@yahoo.co.uk
xstreamzero Witchfire

Okay, here’s a card that requires some thinking, but not a whole lot…

Rebecca Carstairs
Flight and Range
Willpower 3
Whenever Witchfire stuns a character and you have 25 or less endurance, gain endurance equal to that character’s cost.

There’s an important thing about Witchfire. Nobody plays her. Not even in Shadowpact. And why would you, when you got June Moon and Dr. Occult taking up your 4 drops? Her effect is okay, but not game-breaking like the other 4 drops. Even Nightshade has a more useful effect that could win games. And the fact that you have to have 25 or less endurance to qualify for life gain means this is rendered useless.

Modern Age: 1/5
Silver Age: 1/5
Golden Age: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

Shadowpact is underrated…

Witchfire, Rebecca Carstairs (Shadowpact)

4 cost, 8 ATK, 6 DEF, Flight, Range

Willpower 3

Whenever Witchfire stuns a character and you have 25 or less endurance, gain endurance equal to that characters cost.

This looks like a pretty fun card... I don't know much about the Infinity Crisis set, but I do know from Green Lanters that Willpower is one of my favorite things ever (Oa and Uppercut!!)

Her stats are about average for a 4 cost (7/7 is average), but Flight/ Range and Willpower 3 helps. Her ability is pretty cool. If she stunns a character and you are at 25 or less, you can endurance equal to the stunned characters cost. Sure, this may only only net you 3 or 4 at a time, but if she is team attacking, you can get 7 or 8 if you are lucky. And that adds up over time. Fun fun. Oh, yes... RK Post is one of my favorite artists... so this card gets bonus points cuz she is hot and well drawn. :D

Sealed: 3/5 Could be fun....

Constructed: 3/5 Solid.

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