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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Feminine Wiles

Card #MTU-033


Date Reviewed: 07.05.07

Constructed Rating: 3.00
Limited Average Rating: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge
Feminine Wiles

Although the excitement of preview season is behind us, we've still got a couple of great cards to finish out the week with. Today's is one of my favorites, especially after playing it in the Elite Series event a couple of weeks ago down in Houston. The effect is a little confusing at first, but it's a great fit for Spider-Friends. On Turn 6 in one of my games, I swung into my opponent's 4 drop with my Moon Knight, then played Feminine Wiles to give -5 ATK to my opponent's
6 drop, which ensured that it couldn't swing back and stun my 5 drop. It's a sneaky move that no one expects. It could also be used with an attacking 4 drop, so that you can swing your 5 into their 6 and have a decent chance of not getting stunned back, which leave your 6 free to swing down the curve for massive breakthrough. It's a good card for people who like to mix aggro and control strategies, as it rewards attacking, yet still affects your opponent's board.

It's even better in Sealed, as there aren't many cards at all which will affect a characters stats by as much as Feminine Wiles can. Shutting down your opponent's biggest character by making it unable to stun anyone, or forcing your opponent to blow a combat pump when they didn't want to, that's a winning play. It won me an EA Enemy. :D The other card that helped win that Enemy...is coming tomorrow. Suspense!!!
Si "Hitman" Parkes Feminine Wiles
Cost 2
Plot Twist

Today I am tired. So there will be no jokes.

That is all.

Now on to the review;

Feminine Wiles is difficult to spell correctly. Also it’s a fairly decent plot twist. Also it ties nicely into the Spider-Friends stall theme. You can have a character lose attack equal to the cost of Spider-friends attacker you control. So this can contribute towards stopping one of your characters being counter-stunned and also it can help stop retaliatory attacks by your opponent. The later half of that sentence is why the card fits into a stall theme.

There really isn’t much more to it than that.

Sealed: 3
Constructed: 3


“You must learn the ways of the force if you are to come with me to Alderaan”

Want your favourite card reviewed? Need to get past Level 12 in Scientology but don’t have the crystal key of Thetans or the ruby sandals of flight? Feel like commenting on my mindless babble? Touchy fuzzy get dizzy?

Do all this and more by e-mailing us at: sihitmanparkes@yahoo.co.uk
xstreamzero Feminine Wiles

*Sigh* I really want World’s Finest…

Feminine Wiles
Plot Twist/2
Target character gets –X ATK this turn, where X is the cost of a Spider-Friends attacker you control.

This card just basically guarantees that, if you have the initiative, your opponent won’t be attacking this turn. Or at the very least, not do any major damage. If it worked off-initiative, it’d be broken. Since Spider-Friends have all these stall cards with no end (except a Galactus bomb) I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much. Although I guess, if you attack a character and don’t want to get stunned back, this works as well.

Sealed: 3/5
Constructed: 3/5

It’s not gonna win you any games by itself…


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