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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Early Edition

Pojo Preview

Card #DWF-031


Date Previewed: 07.03.07

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge
Early Edition, which aired on CBS between 1996 and 2000, starred Kyle Chandler as a man who received tomorrow's paper today, allowing him 24 hours to prevent tragic accidents that were scheduled to happen.

What? Not that Early Edition? Okay...let me start that over.

Early Edition is our second preview card from the upcoming World's Finest set. In fact, "upcoming" may be a misnomer, as some people have already purchased some packs of the new set, so while this card is no longer a mystery, we will have more information about the set with which to frame this card around.

Early Edition is a decent piece of plot twist negation for Team Superman...their Fizzle, if you will. It's threshold is bigger than Fizzle, but the cost is the same, discarding a Team Superman card. The range of plot twists that it will negate is narrower than Fizzle too, as it will only negate a plot twist that your opponent doesn't already have a copy of in their resource row or their KO'd pile. Considering that most decks will play 3-4 copies of their more important plot twists (tutors, combat pumps, KO effects, etc), your opponent will only have the first copy negated, and if they have already successfully played a copy of it, then Early Edition can't touch it for the rest of the game.

Now granted, Team Superman isn't really a control team, so giving them even a little bit of plot twist negation is still pretty generous of R&D. As the artwork implies, sometimes Lois Lane and Clark Kent can use their reporting skills to defuse a situation before Superman has to show up to take care of it...with punching. However, before the naysayers post on Realms and trash this card (too late), there are two situations in which this card is really good.

The first is against Insanity decks. Whether those show up in force is yet to be seen, but it is part of the upcoming Modern Age, and if it is a popular archetype, then Early Edition becomes very playable, especially if you don't want to have to team up with a team that has more negation in its arsenal.

The second is in Limited formats. In Sealed pack, you rarely see two copies of the same card, so if your opponent plays a big pump or a tutor, you can negate it and not have to worry about seeing it again.

Early Edition is definitely not an automatic 4-of in every Team Superman deck, but it's not meant to be.

It's entirely possible to build a Superman deck that just goes out and smashes face, and doesn't care what the opponent plays. On the other hand, an aggressive team that can negate the occasional plot twist...that's something opponent's don't expect, and something that's not that easy to play around. Team Superman already has a good theme running through it involving protecting characters and making your opponent redirect their attacks. It gives the opponent a lot to think about when making attacks, and knowing that you can negate a combat pump as well, that will put the opponent off balance. That alone can make Early Edition worth the space in your deck.
xstreamzero Early Edition

Oh, I love the irony of having to preview this card…

Early Edition
Plot Twist/3
To play, discard a Team Superman character card.
Negate target effect from a non-ongoing plot twist that doesn’t share a name with another card in its controller’s resource row or KO’d pile.

So, I heard that the whole Sneak Preview thing was scrapped for a Release Celebration. Honestly, they both achieve the same purpose, so I don’t really see much of a difference…

But with the preview card! Looks like Team Superman just got themselves a Fizzle. Good or bad? As you can plainly see, it is an inferior Fizzle, but it has its uses. It basically says, “if your opponent is playing a plot twist and it’s their first copy this game, you can negate.” But, what if it’s not their first copy? Pretty useless then. It’s great at the beginning of the game, but horrible late game. Like Confiscation and Nobleman of Crossout. (There I go spouting references again…). If it’s restricted to only negating plot twists for the first time, it shouldn’t have the cost of discarding a card, because it’s not versatile. It basically has no advantage over Fizzle. At all.

Overall: N/A

As always, I can’t rate preview cards. Maybe I’m wrong and they fix it later…

_Si Early Edition
Cost 3
Plot Twist

See I was going to make jokes about that stupid newspaper show, but somebody already mentioned it…

And without the jokes what am I really? Some kind of reviewer? As if

And now on to the show;

Early Edition is a kind of fizzle. Except it’s very uncool. You have to discard to use it, which is uncool. You can’t negate a card if a copy of that card has been used previously. Again, uncool. And you can’t negate a card, if a copy of that card has been previously negated. Way uncool. So really, this is like listening to your sister’s copy of “The Best of American Idol”, whilst reading Harry Potter and crying at the bit where one of them dies uncool. It’s that uncool.

So it’s great for facing insanity decks. Maybe, probably, I don’t know. Also in limited/sealed it’s okay. Does anyone even play sealed anymore?

And we don’t give marks to preview cards so…

Sealed: Mystery Score
Constructed: Mystery Score


“You must learn the ways of the force if you are to come with me to Alderaan”

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