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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Batzarro Beatdown

Card #DWF-206


Date Reviewed: 08.27.07

Constructed Rating: 4.00
Limited Average Rating: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge
Well, the Pro Circuit has come and gone, and I had a great time. I managed to go 6-4 on Day 1, allowing me the chance to draft, and even though I posted a 4-5 record, I squeaked into the money at 75th place. It was a good time, and drafting allowed me to get my hands on some more World's Finest cards, which we'll be taking a look at this week.

Today's card is one that I took early in my first pack for Draft #2, Batzarro Beatdown. +4 is a huge pump, especially since it works as an attacker or defender.

Having to discard a card at random isn't that huge of a cost, as long as you're playing some kind of recursion, since you don't want to accidentally discard your one copy of a card that you really need later in the game. I wound up playing this card in an Insanity build for the first DWF pod, where it still shines. It's a huge pump for draft especially, and if you're drawing enough cards, then your odds of pitching a redundant low drop rather than an important card get better. It's also good if you have the Mud Pack cards; 5, 6, and 7 drops of Clayface that can be recruited from the KO'd pile. I drafted the full curve in a DWF practice draft a while back, and it turns Batzarro Beatdown (or many of the other random discard effects in the set) into an essentially free pump.

In a full blown Insanity deck, it's a great card...if you draw it. Since it's not an actual Insanity effect though, you can run it as a 4-of, as long as you have the cards to discard. Slaughter Swamp and Soul World are your friends in that department as is Mr.

Rating: 4/5 (Would be higher, but with Savage Beatdown reprinted in Marvel Legends, +4 with a discard just got outclassed by +5 with no restrictions.)
Batzarro Batdown

3 cost Plot Twist

To play, discard a card at random.

Target attacker or defender you control gets +4 ATK this attack.

Well, this is  cute card.  The cost of discarding a card at RANDOM can be pretty high, but its a +4 attack for an attacker or deffender.  This card can be great as a suprise smack 'em up.

Sealed: 4/5  This can easily be the big hit that gives you the edge in a sealed game.

Constructed: 4/5  About the same as sealed.  Its a solid plot twist. 
Jokerkiller Batzarro Beatdown
3 cost rare plot twist

Discard a card at random target attacker or defender gets +4 attack. This card is a staple in my Insanity deck. Insanity has a lot of random discard effects so it fits the decks feeling. This card could be a 4 of in about any deck! Iíve been working on a Gothom Knights/ Arkam deck that use Clayface, The hook-up, and cards like the Joker and Tally man for there discard effects. This card would good for it also. In Modern age you still have Soul World so its draw back isnít that bad. It reminds me a Snikt without a team stamp which still my second favorite X-men pump. (Turn about is so good!)

For a rating Iíd give this card 4.5 out of 5. It allows you to attack up the curve or stun back on defense what else could you ask for a pump?


Batzarro Beatdown


Back to work, it seems. I recently went to a City Champs in Torrance, CA. I ran an Outsider/Revenge Squad deck that worked out much better than I thought it would, considering I built it overnight. It was pretty badass, except for that lone Quickfate player that everybody kept on bashing. Still, it was a good time.


Batzarro Beatdown

Plot Twist/3

To play, discard a card at random.

Target attacker or defender you control gets +4 ATK this attack.


If you donít mind cards in your KOíd pile, which Iím sure you wonít considering all of the Graveyard recursion we have, no wait, thatís Yu-Gi-Oh. All we have is Slaughter Swamp and Soul World. And Slaughter Swamp is still pretty prominent, to a certain extent. Actually, this kind of pump is okay in Sealed. And itís okay in the Insanity Deck, since most of the cards get a benefit from actually being discarded.


Or you can just play all the other attack pumps we have that donít require a discard. Nothing wrong with Big Leagues or Blinding Rage or even Crackshot.


Sealed: 4/5

Constructed: 2/5


Bill Ivie Batzarro Beatdown:
Sealed: 4
Constructed: 3

This is a good, run-of-the-mill Plot Twist that will tie into just about any deck. It costs a bit, between the 3 drop and discarding a card, but can definetly turn the tide quickly. I would score it a 3 in a constructed deck, it could help but, like I said, run of the mill. As for the constructed deck, I'd score this a bit higher as it could play very well. Drop it in later rounds and even a playing field that is turning against you.

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