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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day



Heat Wave

MVL-194 Pojo Exclusive Preview

August 14, 2007

Jason Bunch
Level 2 Judge
Heat Wave

It's PC Indy Eve, and all through the house, VS
players heads are filled with thoughts of new decks,
secret tech, and cash prizes. However, on the actual
eve of the PC, players from all over (myself included)
will be drafting with the brand spanking new cards
from the brand spanking new set, Marvel Legends.

Last week, we looked at a card that rewards you for
playing as many members of the Fantastic Four as you
can. This week, we focus in on one member of the FF;
the Human Torch. Heat Wave, like Family of Four, is a
4-cost plot twist that acts a little bit like a Flame
Trap. Instead of stunning everything with a cost of 2
or less though, it stuns every character with a DEF of
1 or less. This is mostly going to get rid of 1
drops, and maybe a few 2 drops. However, you can use
it to stun some higher drops if you combine it with
some other cards.

Fantastic Four and Inhumans played well together in
the Heralds of Galactus set, and Karnak's Cosmic
ability can turn a defending character's DEF to 0,
allowing you to then stun a Human Torch, stun the
defender, and ready the attacker for another swing.
It also works great with What Are Friends For?, one of
my favorite cards from MTU.

This is going to mainly be a card to use against
off-curve decks, so it's not going to be a staple
depending on your tournament scene. On the other
hand, since we haven't seen much of Marvel Legends,
there may be some more effects that will lower an
opposing character's DEF. If nothing else, it'll get
rid of those annoying concealed 1-drops that have a
tendency to stick around way too long in a limited
format game.

Well, that's it for previews, but if you're going to
be in Indy for the Pro Circuit, or just for Gencon,
feel free to come by and say hi. I'll be playing in
Marvel Legends drafts on Wednesday, playing in Day 1
of the PC on Thursday, and if I can do well enough,
I'll be drafting on Friday too. Good luck to
everybody who's going, and have good and get give.
xstreamzero Another preview card for the Fantastic Four. I’m still not finished with Worlds Finest…

Heat Wave
Plot Twist/4
To play, stun a Human Torch you control
Stun all characters with DEF 1 or less.

Oh, I know exactly what deck to put this card in. And if it works, it’d be broken.

Generally, the text pretty much says to stun all characters with a cost of 1 or less. And maybe Doop. But if you want to exploit this card, you need to reduce a bunch of characters to a defense of 1 or less, and not a lot of cards do that. Yet. Hopefully…

I don’t know what else to say. The card is pretty straightforward…

Overall: N/A

You know, I’m still not feeling the new card designs…

Another preview card today, and its another Plot Twist with the cool new look.

Heat Wave

4 cost Plot Twist

To play, stun a Human Torch you control

Stun all characters wth DEF 1 or less.

Well, well... this is interesting. This my as well read "Stun Human Torch, KO all 1 Def or less Characters". Could be fun in a fantastic four deck. We'll see... :)

Sealed: 3/5 If you get a Human Torch, that is. You could seriously irritate your opponant with it.

Constructed: 3/5 This card will be great if you can find some way to lower your opponants DEF stat... :)
Jokerkiller paintballbum

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