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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  June Moon
<> Enchantress, Bad Witch

Card #DCR-054

Activate >>> Stun target character. If you have more than 10 endurance, that character's controller moves June Moon to his front or support row, and she gains an affiliation of that player's choice. Use this power only during your attack step.

Date Reviewed: 09.21.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 2
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

June Moon <> Enchantress, Bad Witch

June Moon, Good Witch is one of the best cards ever printer (and one of the best EA's ever, if you go for that sort of thing), and it's really a shame to have to replace her with her 6 drop version. As far as raw stats go, 12/12 with Flight and Range is good on any card. Her effect is a killer, stunning anything on the board. If you've been using your effects, you should be able to have your endurance low enough to avoid having to give up control of your June Moon to your opponent. Once your 6 has stunned your opponent's 6, hopefully the rest of your characters can stun the rest of your opponent's characters without dropping you below 0. From there, you'll want to throw down Shazam and then swing for game. I know some guys who built a really nice Rock of Eternity deck for PC Indy, with a curve of Ahmed, June Moon-4, Thunderbolt, and June Moon-6. Although you can't chain her effect to Rock of Eternity in order to use her twice, you can chain her effect to the trigger and get one activation in, which will usually be enough of an opening for your other characters to finish the job. Obviously you'll want the even initiatives, so that you can pull off your effect first, instead of leaving June open for an attack.

In Limited, she's a good, playable rare, but unless you go mono-Shadowpact, you can't consistently control whether you'll be able to use her effect and still be able to win the game. If you splash her, it's a good idea to have a backup 6-drop to play, since she's just a vanilla 12/12 if you're at 11 or more endurance.

Rating: 4/5
xstreamzero June Moon <> Enchantress

What, why are we reviewing old cards? No way, I知 not done with Heralds.

Plot Twist/16
Play Nega-Bomb only during the combat phase.
Nega-Bomb costs one less to play for each Kree character you recruited this turn.
Remove all characters from the game.

So, this is the highest costing card in the game. Guess how much this card is worth? I値l give you a hint, I bought 4 copies for $0.50. Total.

This is more of a joke card than anything else. It just wanted to cause a ruckus. But there are those that want to take it seriously, like me. So I値l play along.

If you have Beast and Latveria, Nega-Bomb becomes 14.
If you play 4 copies of Haywire and teamed-up, Nega-Bomb becomes 10.
If you play 1 Kree character, Nega-Bomb becomes 9 If you play 2 Kree characters, Nega-Bomb becomes 8 If you play 3 Kree characters, Nega-Bomb becomes 7 If you play 4 Kree characters, Nega-Bomb becomes 6 If you play 5 Kree characters, Nega-Bomb becomes 5 Turn 4 is mathematically impossible.
If you play Strategic Retreat, you値l gain an advantage on turn 6 or 7.
So in total, you need 13 cards on turn 5 or 11 cards on turn 6 to gain and advantage.
You値l have 16 cards by turn 5 or 18 cards by turn 6, through process of normal drawing.
Or you could just discard 6 cards and play the Infinity Watch.

Marvel Modern: 1/5
Silver Age: 1/5
Golden Age: 1/5
Overall: 1/5

Actually, a turn 6 win doesn稚 sound that bad...

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