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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Morg - Corrupt Destroyer

Card #MHG_015

Cosmic—Surge: Whenever Morg stuns a character, return that character to its owner's hand. (This character does not come into play with a cosmic counter. At the start of the recovery phase each turn, put a cosmic counter on this character.)

Date Reviewed: 09.04.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Morg - Corrupt Destroyer

This week we are moving on to MHG mid-drop week. This is when we review some 3 and 4-drop characters that you will probably see in a sealed format. Today we start with the HOG character Morg.

Basics: Morg is a 4-drop character for the Heralds affiliation. His 9 attack is very, very nice (especially in sealed format) but he has a 5 defense which makes his cosmic-surge ability virtually impossible to achieve. He does have flight and range, which is handy, but not necessarily anything above board when you consider that this guy was once a herald. Now if you want more information on the character himself or on any of the cosmic characters we will be reviewing I suggest picking up an issue of "Annihilation: Nova Corps Files". This covers many of the characters in the Heralds affiliation of MHG. Then again you can always hit up Wilkipedia if you like...
Constructed play: This card is actually very decent for a Heralds mono-stall deck. With PTs out there specially designed to put counters on Heralds characters, you won't necessarily have to worry about this guy's comic-surge effect. Of course Morg's defense does suck, but if you take even initiatives and play your cards right you will be able to get around this also. Besides, being able to regulate the number of characters your opponents control is extremely useful, but a word of warning - if you come across a rush deck Morg's effect will not be as good.
Sealed play: Well you can pretty much forget about Morg's cosmic counter in this format. Unless you are able to combo Morg's attack with Slobberin Time, you won't come through a combat without this guy getting stunned. Of course I have been witness to someone getting the cosmic counter (the other person miss-dropped) and I can tell you that combining Morg with Sliver Surfer (5-drop) is a deadly combination. These two characters can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to wipe your opponent's board clean and leave them in a world of trouble going into turn 6. However, this only happens in certain circumstances. While technically powerful enough to take down a 5-drop (and in many instances he will) he will also leave you taking major breakthrough on off initiatives. Unlike many of the MHG characters you will see (outside of Kree) Morg's playability directly results from the PT support you are able to round up.

MMA constructed: 3.0/5.0 ...What this character lacks in defense he makes up for in attack.
GA constructed: 2.5/5.0 ...With the amount of swarm-style deck out I don't this character's ability has a real chance of making a difference.

Limited - 3.0/5.0 ...This character has some of the strongest pros and cons in the set....it all comes down to your supporting PTs.


Morg, Corrupt Destroyer

Morg has some interesting stats for a 4 drop, 9 ATK and 5 DEF. His Cosmic-Surge ability is what really makes him spicy though. As a reminder, Cosmic-Surge means that the character doesn't come into play with a Cosmic counter, but they can recieve one as long as they aren't stunned at the beginning of the recovery phase. This is where Morg's low DEF becomes a major hindrance, as most 3 drops will be able to get a stun on him. However, there are a multitude of effects in this set that will put a Cosmic counter on a character, so you could easily put his power online the same turn you summon him. Once Morg stuns a character, that character returns to their owner's hand. While this isn't as final as KOing the character, you've still gotten a board advantage position, as they now have nothing to show for the resource points that they paid for that character. If the Heralds team becomes widely played, it will absolutely destroy Squadron Supreme. It would also combo nicely with Injustice Gang, filling up the opponent's hand with cards that won't have much use.

It's utility in Limited isn't to high though...his small DEF will make it harder to keep him around to get his Cosmic counter, and the cards that put counters on characters will be harder to come by too.
His high ATK can still take down a 5 drop though, so if you play him as a blank 4 drop with a big ATK and flight/range, then he can punch through some damage in the midgame. Not my first choice of 4 drops, but something that can fill out a curve in a pinch.

Rating: 3/5

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